Are you tired of looking at beautiful people all day and then going home and looking in a mirror, only to come to the conclusion that you are not one of these so called visually stunning individuals? Never fear, you are one of millions who are thinking the exact same thing. Years ago I saw a special about a men’s magazine that was looking for models in a certain city. The camera followed the girls to the first interview as well as to the initial photo test. The first thing I noticed was that these were rather ordinary looking people. The transformation began when the makeup artists started to do their job. The end result was that these people were almost unrecognizable, ordinary became beautiful.
One thing is for certain, there is a difference between discount store makeup and premium products. It is such a striking difference that everyone should seriously consider using better products. One of the added benefits of products like these, are that they are usually better for your skin, free from harmful chemicals that irritate and mineral oils that clog the pores. They also tend to last a lot longer, with a little bit going a long way, which lowers your application costs adding even more value to the product. Another secret lies in cleanliness, using the right products to keep your face clean without drying out your skin.
The place to start, believe it or not, is with your hands. Never, ever touch your face without washing your hands first. Studies have shown that there are large amounts of bacteria everywhere. Everything from e-coli to fecal matter, and there have even been cases of staph infections being transferred to peoples faces by their hands. You have rubbed your eyes, scratched an itch, and cradled your face in your palms without ever giving a second thought as to what might be on your hands. As far as your face goes, lean more toward natural products for the skin. Think healthier and safer when it comes to your personal care. There are some incredible anti-aging skin care and makeup products on the market, and as a consumer you owe it to yourself to investigate and do all the research you can. It is possible to have movie star skin with those items that are readily available to you, all you have to do is use them properly.

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