The ancient practices of qigong, pronounced phonetically as chee goong, is an ancient art the cleanses the body, increases circulation of the life force and strengthens with the use of breathing techniques, meditation, and gentle movement. Long used in China, recorded documents date as far back as 600 B.C. This powerful practice has a multitude of uses. Many were for health but there are others more profound. It is a method to control the body Chi, the life force.

The miraculous control allows the practitioner to emit an electrical charge to others when they are in control of their chi. Those that practice qigong arrive at that control through a series of meditative exercises. Although they may be as simple as a five minute set, some are lengthy and difficult to remember. Luckily, the most frequently used exercises are repetitious and simple to perform.

The art of qigong is a self-sustaining process. It teaches and builds both concentration and will power. The use of yi, which combines visualization, focused intent and concentration allows the body to circulate the chi energy. This develops the ability to focus more intently and increase the will power even more. The practice of the art, builds the body and mind to higher levels each time. The skills learned increase these same skills when not practicing qigong.

Once mastered there are many skills that it encompasses. Some qigong masters use the power of the chi energy to perform healing both at a distance and in person. Others use it for clairvoyance, telekinesis and out of body experiences. It is not unusual for a qigong master to have the skills to heal others, start fires or move objects with the energy force.

The practice and mastery of qigong also develops the intelligence as shown by many studies. It develops the neural pathways between the two sides of the brain so the practitioner uses whole brain functioning. This mixes the creative with the logical and forms new patterns of thinking and problem solving. Scientific studies also show that the meditation changes the brain wave patterns until it is primarily the alpha wave that exists. This is the optimal state for learning and performing various PSI functions.

Studies show that the increase in psychic ability in children is easier than in adults. Perhaps the reason is that children still practice belly breathing, one of the basic practices of qigong, and have not yet learned to disbelieve. One experiment involved a Chinese letter written on a piece of paper, then the paper wadded in a ball to hide the letter. They handed the ball of paper to a child and the child received instructions to read the letter in their minds eye, without uncrumbling the ball to see it. Over 60 percent of the children could perform this with accuracy.

Learning the simple methods of qigong can aid you to not only relax, but also expand the capabilities of your mind. These include uses for health, business, goal achievement and happiness.

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