I was a fairly regular guest on a San Francisco morning radio program called Seeing Beyond where I spoke mostly about Reconnective Healing and a bit about channeling. More recently, I’ve been producing my own TV show in Austin, Texas called “Sophia Wisdom.” What I do each week is channel a particular topic, but I use the same energy as when I do Reconnective Healing; that is, while channeling, my hands and arms move about in the same way as during a healing session and it feels very nearly the same. The only real difference is that I am speaking my guide’s words.

Following the shows, I’ve had listeners tell me they’ve received a healing while I was on the air (whether live or taped). I find that a wonderfully fascinating result, considering this work is usually done one-on-one. For quite some time though, I’ve been tuning into this energy in me and allowing it to go wherever God chooses, without a specific person to focus it on, content to know that the outcome or destination isn’t absolutely necessary, as long as I feel there is a benefit. But there does seem to be a shift happening with the work—it appears that in some cases, people are getting a healing without any direct intent.

Not only has this happened while I’ve been on the radio and TV, but people I’ve spoken to on the phone have experienced this as well, without me actually “doing” anything. I’ve also heard from someone who recently felt she was receiving a session (she experienced clear healing “registers” or indicators) while I was deep into a session with someone else! She actually saw me in her mind’s eye, fully engaged, and accurately described what I was doing. Further, she explained in vivid detail what was occurring with the other client, as well as herself.

Dr. Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing, discusses this phenomenon of transference via the media, in his book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. In the preface he states, “What’s so compelling about communicating via the print and broadcast media is that it enables so many more people to experience the activation of this healing ability in themselves.”

All of this brings me to the subject of quantum physics and wondering how scientists might explain healings that occur through transference of energy via radio waves, over the internet, through the written word, and spontaneously in a group of people who are in the presence of a Reconnective Healer. These things are real, are happening now, and give me great hope for healing on a global level.

I understand that this relates to concepts known as critical mass, morphic fields and formative causation, the leading expert of which is Rupert Sheldrake. To quote Dr. Pearl’s book again, “Without having to wait for the slow and arbitrary process of multigenerational mutation and natural selection, we are continuing along our evolutionary paths toward the inevitable restructuring of our DNA.”

Well that’s a mouthful…and I’m not sure I understand it completely but fortunately, I can leave such research and explanation to the experts. What I know for sure is that my clients (and even those who have not yet come to me in person) are experiencing healing that is effortless, profound, and lasting. Further, when they trust themselves and what has occurred, they are now able to discern something new within them that clearly is this energy. If, for example, they bring their two palms toward each other, they feel a magnetic pull, or a tingling or pulsing sensation, or simply cold or warmth in their palms that wasn’t there before. And it’s quite enjoyable.

So dear reader, try it on for size. Allow these words to penetrate into your Being, suspend your skeptical mind for the moment, take a few deep breaths, and then see if you can “feel” this energy in your palms. Bring your palms toward each other, a couple inches apart, and notice what you feel. Once you clearly establish that “something” is, in fact, there, begin to slowly draw your hands apart. Notice what happens!

And if you would, start to play with it. Allow it to strengthen, and become a new part of you. See if your pets react to it and then try it with family and friends (place your hands around their heads). Grab a copy of Dr. Pearl’s book and try some of the exercises in there. With your newfound abilities, join me on the first Sunday of every month when I host Receiving Reconnection, a group healing for the planet.

Join in the fun!


Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., is a healer and channel for Divine Sophia and others, having experienced an opening of these abilities through a healing of her own. Following careers in teaching, counseling and human resources, her skills are now more specifically focused on supporting others in their own awakening process. See www.reconnect-and-heal.com for details and to schedule your session.

Author's Bio: 

Raised in a military family, Maria moved between various Army bases, most of them in Germany. At age 17 she moved back to the U.S. to attend the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns!) where she earned a B.A. degree and then taught German and English to high school and college students.

After earning her Master’s in Counseling and Psychology, she became Director of an alternative treatment center for people with HIV/AIDS, offering holistic treatment modalities including counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, and nutritional education.

From there she took her first job in Human Resources. Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, her career spanned various industries. She also went back to grad school and completed some of the coursework towards a MBA.

Along with career exploration, she is a spiritual seeker. Through her own personal Reconnection and healing from life-threatening illness, her heart and life were cracked wide open. She is a channel for Divine Sophia and other Beings of the Light, doing so on TV, radio, and in print media. Based in Austin, Texas but working mostly with remote clients, her reach spans the globe.

An outdoor enthusiast with a love for hiking and cycling, she lets nature inspire her art through photography and writing.