"Power is the faculty or capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something. It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions. It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones."

--Steven R. Covey

Life is a choice. And everyday you can choose to have a big bang mindset. You can choose to believe that you create your life everyday through your words, thoughts, choices and actions. While we have all been created, we now have the opportunity to create our lives one thought, one word, one choice, one action, one energy source at a time.

Where Richard Carlson tells us not to sweat the small stuff, and he’s right, I believe that life is all about the little things. We don’t create our lives by focusing on the big things. The big projects, the big promotion, the big car, the big house. Rather we create our life by doing the little things and allowing the big things to happen. If we read one book a week for 30 years that equals 1560 books. That’s a lot of knowledge. If we put basil in a burrito instead of cilantro the taste would change dramatically. The difference between rain and snow is only a few degrees. They say football is a game of inches. To reduce crime in New York City, Mayor Rudy Guilianni focused on preventing small crimes. What he and the world found out was when you arrest people for small crimes you get big reductions in murders and other felonies. As someone who has owned restaurants, I have found that a restaurant's success is all about the little things. Success is built one customer, one meal, one ingredient at a time. Our lives are no different.

When we have a big bang mindset we accept responsibility for our life. We know that we have the power to create success or succumb to failure. Our life is the result of each choice we make and each action we take every day. A positive thought leads to a new opportunity in your life. A positive conversation with a group of people leads to a plethora of new friends and contacts. Walking in the morning before work makes you feel more energized which leads to a promotion. Choosing fruit, nuts and raisins as snacks instead of snickers bars and chips on a daily basis makes a big difference in your health and energy level. Drinking Green Tea instead of coffee in the afternoon day after day will increase your energy over time and help protect you against cancer. It’s not the big things that you do once that matter. It’s the little things that you do every minute of every day that means everything. With a Big Bang mindset you realize that life is a series of seconds and moments that when added together equals your life. You are a work in progress, a creation that is still being created. Therefore with a big bang mindset you seize each moment to create the life you want. You create your life one thought, one word, one choice, one action at a time.

Action Steps
1. Focus on your thoughts. Are you choosing positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

2. Focus on your words. Are you surrounding yourself with positive words or negative words? Are you speaking positively about life or are you always complaining.

3. Focus on your choices. Are you making good choices that benefit you or bad choices that hurt you?

4. Focus on your actions. What are you doing to create your life? Do you have a good plan and not follow through or do you take action on your positive thoughts and plans.


Author's Bio: 

Jon Gordon is known internationally as The Energy Addict. He’s been called “America’s Premiere Energy Coach” by various media and organizations throughout the country. His mission is to help you fuel your life, energize your career and get addicted to positive energy.

Jon’s seminars, newsletters, articles, radio and television appearances are seen and heard by tens of thousands of people each week. Jon’s energy coaching has increased the energy of people from all walks of life. From corporate executives, athletes, and artists to Mom’s and Dad’s who needs to recharge their batteries, Jon’s simple, practical tips have produced life changing results. Jon has infused energy into organizations such as The PGA Tour, The Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Life, State Farm Insurance, The United Way, The Children’s Home Society, Cingular Wireless and The Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. For free energy tips, visit www.jongordon.com