Many goal setters put a lot of work into getting the planning done but then seem to let the implementation run on some form of autopilot. Now there is a time and a place for getting out of your own way. However, remember this. Things began to happen because you initiated the goal setting process with a dream or a vision of something you wanted to create in your life. Once the goal is "out there" the initiative changes from planning to taking action. This article describes 3 simple ways of ensuring that your goals are on track.

1- Metrics
Let's say that you have set a goal to reduce your waistline from 40 inches to 34 inches in a 12 months time frame. (Ladies, this is a guy's target. Trust me. I've been there! Choose one that makes sense for your curves.)

The obvious measurement to take in this case is your waist size. I would go further than that though and measure it at the same time and place (and on the same set of scales). Then record the number on a simple graph in your journal or diary.

How often to measure? There is probably a fine line here between regularity and obsession - each person's view on this will vary. I chose to do it every Saturday just before breakfast. That gives 4 data points on my monthly graph and makes trend spotting a little easier!

2- Accountability
For some people there will be no need to go beyond recording their own metrics - they are on track with their goal and motivated to do the measuring without any outside influence. But for others who may want some support in helping them to stick to the task, I have found that the accountability of coaching can be very effective.

Although it can also be done in a group coaching environment (e.g. teleseminar group coaching) my experience has been that this works best in a 1-1 coaching relationship - where mutual trust and respect can be great reinforcing drivers to following through with mundane tasks such as measuring waist size!

3- Publish
This goes beyond being accountable to a coach or a private group. How about telling the whole world?! Before you go hide under a rock, listen up. There's a subtle way or two to go about this. For example, you could get a tee shirt made up with the logo being your waist size measurements (40,39,38,37,36). As you hit each target, just mark the goal off on the tee shirt! No one need know what these numbers stand for unless you tell them - but do expect some curious questions from strangers at parties!

Another way is to post your goal and results on an anonymous blog - use to set up a free account.

As you may have guessed from the title of this article, the idea came from reading my daughter's mid-term progress report. That jogged my memory to think again about how and when (and why!) I track my own goals. So, it was a timely reminder. I hope it is for you too.

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Mark McClure is a Japan-based certified career & Life coach and Internet business owner.