Remote Viewing For You
Is there life on other planets? Why not go and see for yourself. And that goes for anywhere else you'd like to travel, whether on Earth, the moon, the sun, quasars, pulsars, black holes, and so forth, including the Akashic Records. The whole Universe is available for you to visit and enjoy. And yes, you can even Remote View other people. Please note that all of this is not limited to space, Remote Viewing also includes travelling in time. You can easily go into the past and future. Visiting past lives in trance is one type, future lives is another. Regression to cause, commonly used in hypnotherapy, is also Remote Viewing; here the client revisits events in this life to resolve trauma. Another standard technique in hypnotherapy is progression, where clients go into the future to experience having already attained their goals. And all of these are simply types of Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing Is Astral Travel
Hal Puthoff began researching psychic phenomenon in the early Seventies. Knowing that funding for astral travel would be limited by its very name, he renamed it Remote Viewing. Puthoff discovered that once in trance, humans can easily go to other locations and readily observe whatever is there. In advanced work, remote viewers are given locational coordinates instead of the actual name of the location, and they still readily observe whatever is there.

Yes, It Really Works
The CIA funded the project in response to similar work being done by the Russians. Imagine their surprise on finding out that the Russians could see our secrets as well as we could see theirs. Remote Viewers cannot interact with the environment, so the Russians were never able to open files or access computer data. Ah, but any paperwork on a desk, any charts on an easel, any data on a blackboard, and so forth, were readable. Moreover, the activities of people involved in secret projects were easily observed. It is claimed that the CIA ceased doing Remote Viewing in 1985. Possibly.

Almost Anyone Can Remote View
Initially, Putoff used top psychics like Pat Price and Ingo Swann. As part of the research, Putoff began using non-psychics and had them enter into altered states, and to his surprise he discovered that almost anyone can Remote View. In fact, every time you have an intuitive hunch or experience deja vu, you are engaged in quite similar activity. It is true that some people are better at it than others. It may interest you to know that the only difference between psychics and average people is the pyschic's ability to immediately enter into trance, bypassing the hypnotic induction into trance. And no matter whether you call that trance guided meditation, guided imagery, guided relaxation, or ham on rye, the state itself is optimally known by its real name: hypnosis. Hypnosis merely sets the conscious mind aside and accesses the subconscious. Your soul is located in your subconscous mind, which is why the hypnotic state gives you access to so much more of our universe than the conscious. A conscious mind is necessary so that the human experience has choice between good and evil. Make no mistake here, the conscious mind is a filter. So why not lift the veil, and fly first class.

Remote Viewers May Leave Their Bodies, Or Not
As with everything, there are individual variations and degrees of experience. Some remote viewers feel their souls leave their bodies. Other folks simply go to the site and observe. In other words, there is no need to feel uncomfortable about remote viewing, because you will automatically do it in the most comfortable fashion for you. Your subconscious mind will see to that, as its primary directive is to protect you. In fact, most folks do not experience the wrenching sensation of the soul lifting from the body, they simply travel to the destination. The experience is better than lucid dreaming, day dreaming, or sleep dreaming, as you are in charge and fully choose your destinations and time periods. And once at your destination, you can easily move around at the speed of thought by merely choosing to move.

How To Remote View
Get quiet and close your eyes. Be in a quiet, comfortable place without distractions. Allow yourself to relax fully, letting go of all the tension in your muscles. Start with Remote Viewing by location. View places nearby, such as the next room or outside the building. Go farther, such as the next region. Go to the moon, then the stars. Then begin Remote Viewing in time. Find yourself at a happy event a few years ago, then back a few more years, back to being a baby, then back before this life. Visit a few past lives. Or you can go into the future, starting with a few days, then weeks, months, and years. Then continue by viewing your future lives.

Is There An Easier Way?
Yes, there is an easier way. The "Remote Viewing" CD takes you through all the steps in under an hour, combining music, narration, and detailed instructions. This means you can easily learn to excel at Remote Viewing, privately, at your leisure, in your own home. Of course you could also visit your local spiritual hypnotist and have an individual or group session, if you like, and there are advantages to that. It is more expensive to have a personal session, whereas the CD is affordable and available for shipment or immediate download.

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Michelle Beaudry, board certified hypnotist near Orlando FL, takes clients from all over the world by phone and in person. She wrote and narrated the "Remote Viewing" CD. Contact her at