Relooking at Remedial Measures in Astrology Part I

Nearby there is a traffic junction . The square connects a six lane highway with two cross roads and two service roads . There is a traffic signal there and also many a times couple of policemen are posted to regulate the traffic. Yesterday at 10:00 p.m.there was a huge traffic jam . The signals were out of order , the policemen had taken a break , some motorists created a triple lane and moved aggressively forward . There was a grid lock created . The chaos reigned for over half an hour . The policemen came over , took some remedial actions , booked a couple of people for traffic violation , guided the traffic in minute details and the traffic jam got resolved .

When I asked the bystanders as to why the traffic jam had occurred , some of the replies were

"That fellow went ahead by the wrong side and blocked both sides ."
" Indisciplined driver ."
" These people have no civic sense .They just want to push ahead ."
" The policemen are never there when we need them . "
" Nowadays , those people in the car feel as if they own the road . They drive as they feel ".
There is always a problem with this signal . It is always out of order . "

If we were to erect a horary chart to explain the event , I am sure we will come up with the culprit to be retrograde Mercury ( Intellectual Confusion ) , or Mars ( Pushing forward blindly and selfishly ) , or Sun ( Ego hassles ) or afflicted moon ( tired drivers wanting to go home in a hurry ) and their aspects . This will surely explain the event , but next time the same event occurs , none of these indicators may be present and still the event may happen . Then we are caught in dilemma as to what led to the event .

If you see the reactions of the bystander , most of the bystanders are treating the event of traffic jam as one off event. They are reasoning as to what caused the event in the now and there . They are looking at the trigger cause . What they mean to say was that if the motorist had not gone up the wrong path , or the signals had not failed , or if the policemen were present on the scene , the traffic jam would not have occurred . Only partly correct . What all of them are identifying is the trigger . They are looking at one event in isolation .

This is exactly what many a times we do in analysing a horoscope . We look at the horoscope in isolation and then the event in further isolation . In this article we will see three main categories of causes which may lead up to the event and their importance in remedial astrology taking the example of the traffic jam .

The most primary reason for the traffic jam is the traffic itself . If there is no traffic there would not be any traffic jam . Simple . Several years ago on the same road there would not be any traffic jam , late at night at 4:00 a. m. even now on the same road there is no traffic jam , on a Sunday at the same spot signals are not working yet there is no traffic jam . When the volume of traffic increases , given the same road space some kind of traffic problems are likely to occur . Traffic jam is one of them . Traffic problems are inherent in traffic . It is the nature cause .

Next comes the road sense , the civic sense , the training given to the drivers , the way to deal with traffic offences , the certainty of getting caught , the social atmosphere , the traffic climate , the regularity of traffic problems , the speed of the traffic , the way of driving , the makes of the cars ( cars with higher pick up and front wheel drive are more likely to be the culprits ) . These are called as the nurture cause . Here we are nurturing the build up to the traffic jam . Aggressive driving , poor traffic sense , lack of training , lack of infrastructure , abscence of stringent or regular punishment are all leading to the traffic jam .

As you will see that the nature and nurture causes keep building up over a period of months if not years . The build up is quite slow.Many times it goes unnoticed because it is slow . Nature gives the inherent cause while the nurture increases the inherent quality of the nature .

Most of the time what is treated is the trigger . The trigger is the most public and visible part of the event . This is even ( wrongly ) called as the fire fighting . In actuality the job of fire department begins years before the fire breaks out and continues for months after a major fire. The fire is actually an aberration and not a regular occurrence. That fire brigade should be called most efficient , where no fires break out rather than that fire brigade which extinguishes most fires.

The same analogy has to be used for remedial measures in astrology .

The Ascendant , Moon and the Sun indicate the nature in horary . This nature gets nurtured over the years by slow moving planets Jupiter and Saturn which are considered responsible for building up the personality . The rest of the planets mostly act as triggers . The rest of the planets too may act as nature and nurture causes depending on their relationship with Ascendant , Sun , Moon , Jupiter and Saturn . If the astrologer is able to see the nature and nurture trends , and suggests remedial measures to be followed over a period of time , then even if triggers occur they would cause small damage or may be totally ineffective . The remedial measures based on Nature and Nurture causes will be longer lasting , and more effective , even if not public or visible in the short term .

In the next article we will explore these measures further .

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anand Ghurye is a Jyotishi ( astrologer), Training and Development Consultant and Writer with special interest in a growth-oriented and developmental approach to astrology. He is honorary teacher of Jyotish at Abhijit Astrological Academy Mumbai and Nadabrahma Academy , Kalyan. He is an engineer and economics graduate . Career Counselling and Relationship Management are his favourite areas for application of astrology . He can be contacted at