While working out at my local gym a while back, I ran into one of the most fit people I know- Erica. We got to talking and I mentioned to her that since my late 20s no matter what aerobic and weight training routines I used, I couldn’t seem to lose my gut. This had been a frustration for years so I asked her if she might suggest something to remedy it.

Erica informed me that not being able to keep slim waistline might have more to do with what was going on with my digestive system than anything else. She explained that there was a good chance that I had what she called an “impacted," or bloated colon.

Erica told me that she regularly went for hydrotherapy, or colonics, to clean out and unblock her digestive tract. I had heard about colonics but this time, talking with Erica, and seeing her slim waist, I decided to do some research.

Here’s what I came up with. Undigested or partially food has accumulates in us over years. To add to this, the gases in your colon created by this undigested food cause a bulge around your waistline. Toxins that should be eliminated through bowel movements get trapped in your colon and slowly seep through the walls of the colon harming all of the major systems of the body, creating sluggishness and even negatively affect your skin tone.

The food deposits in the colon are made worse by what may be a diet high in processed food, fast foods—food that has lots of chemicals in them and make it difficult for the digestive system (as well as the liver) to do their jobs.

The colon can be cleansed and digestive matter removed by flushing it with water. You might have heard of “colonics” or colon irrigation. People usually go to a colonics therapist to get this done.

The colonic therapist has you lie down on your back. A small, thin tube is inserted into your rectum. This tube has an opening for water to enter through it. The therapist then allows the water to flow through the tube and into the rectum. There is a container placed below you that will allow the contents (the undigested food matter) as well as the water being allowed in to your colon to be emptied into to.

Finding out about this part of the process made me a little squeamish. At the same time, it made enough sense to me that I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise it wasn’t really awkward or uncomfortable. The colon therapist was very professional and at ease with the process. The water flowed into me at a gentle rate and was naturally released from my body. After I was done, there was usually a feeling of lightness. I stool was runny for a few hours or so about that then returned to normal.

The cost of a colonic is about $60. I found out that you can buy a home colonic kit for about $250. To get more information, you can search the internet with the words, “colonic” for a therapist nearby or “home colonic” for the home kit.

It’s important also to start changing your diet is you want a clean, healthy colon. Don’t look to the colonic as a magic “fix all.” Eat less processed foods, fast foods, and more vegetables, fruits, and drink more water.

That being said, I have now made colonics a routine part of my health regimen. Along with some positive dietary changes that I’ve made, colonics have dramatically improved my body. I have finally lost my gut. Yea!

Friends and family tell before I did colonics, my whole body seemed bloated. Now, even my face looks trim with a better complexion and my body feels so much more alive.

Try colonics, you have nothing to lose but your gut, and much good health to gain.

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An average guy leading a much better than average life. I research and try self improvement techniques from goal setting, to physical and psychological heath and financial freedom. I only write about what I have actually tried successfully, with the bugs worked out, and have gladly made part of my own life. My goal is to share my practical knowledge with others. "Making Average Great" for myself and others is my goal and motto.