Genetics is becoming an inseparable and quite common part of own life. The researches plan to decipher human DNA code very soon, so that we could have all the information about the inherited defects and to diagnose different diseases more effectively, even before the conception.
Moreover, with the help of genetic information it will be possible to define some specific traits and features of the future child, such as hair and eye color, height, iq, and even life expectancy.
Thus, the parents will have to choose the embryos for future babies, controlling this way, the number of male and female newborns, number of blonds and brunets, etc. Eventually it would become a pretty easy task to define genetic traits which a certain child is going to inherit. And as the result, the whole process of reproduction is going to change.
For example, nowadays the cases of newborn babes with two 18-chromosomes instead of 3 take place quite often. According statistics the kids with that chromosomal defect suffer from various cardiac and kidney diseases and have certain defects of limbs. Unfortunately, a standard blood test made during pregnancy can't detect the possibility of this disease.
But, the new technology, allows the doctors to make a simplified genetic test of the embryo, immediately detecting defected genes. The process is called 'pre- implantation genetic diagnoses'.
This test is recommended for the females with the history of multiple miscarriages that can be a sign of some genetic defects of embryo.
The method is very effective and proved to help many women to determine the reasons continuous miscarriage. For instance, after examination of a woman suffering from miscarriages, the results of the test proved that only one, out of 8, of her embryos didn’t have a genetic defect of chromosomes.
This method is also highly advised for couples who plan in vitro fertilization (IVF). It provides the possibility to make all the needed manipulations with both sperm and ovule.
Tree days old embryos consist of 8 cells, one of which is tested for genetic defects. Only healthy and genetically valid embryos are being implanted into females' uterus.
The researchers from Massachusetts University are moved quite ahead in this direction. They study the content of sperm long before the ovule insemination. They consider that all the genetic diseases could be cured at the embryo state in the nearest future. However the price for such procedure, which makes around 10 thousand dollars, prevents it from becoming a popular method to define the sex of future baby.
But it's not only the price of the test that they are worried about. The major concern is that alongside with the 'bad embryos' doctors can eliminate the potentially talented and gifted people.
Therefore, the doctors consider applying genetic therapy only on the curing of genetic diseases. And doubt the reasonability of creating an artificial gene pool.
As soon as a new gene is created to alter the embryo it will become a serious threat for the gene pool of all the future populations.

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Lena Laursen, a sexologist, author, relationship educator, advice columnist and psychologist.
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