In fact there are common elements in every type of relationship but gay couples have their own special problems and challenges to live through as well as benefits of course.

First of all, they have to permanently fight with the rules and barriers of our homophobic society and it's not an easy task to establish a long-term and happy relationships living under that constant pressure.

But believe it or not, due to all these difficulties and obstacles the level of intimacy in gay couples are extremely high, as they share with each other the experience for which both of them had courage to fight and protect. They understand that in order to have a successful relationship they have to unite. And this union must be based on frankness and openness. The following are tips which can help gay couples built a long-term healthy relationship.

Feel secure and comfortable with being gay. It's your choice and the others have to accept it.

Be honest and open with each other, share your feelings, thoughts, and desires. Both of you can have his own interests, friends, it's a normal thing for any relationship, but at the same time you have to identify yourselves as a couple as well.

A certain degree of commitment is very important for your relations.

Communicate with people who support your relationship and validate you as a couple. The support of these people will be very helpful for your self-esteem.

It is also very important to clarify the question of faithfulness, so that both sides would agree and preserve it.

You have to see yourselves as a couple, discuss your future as a couple, not just like two individuals.

The next tip concerns any couple and any style of relationship. Don't forget to talk to each other. Communicate! Discuss your dissatisfactions, share your sexual desires, reward each other.

These tips don't cover all the problems that any gay couple may face. It's just a touch upon the very deep and complicated process of successful relationship building. Besides, once you have built them, you have to start thinking how to maintain and protect them.
As you may see, lots of work and patience that's what it takes.

Therefore, the best solution for each couple is to find out what work best for them. Figure out what kind of relationship both of you are seeking. Define your weak and your strong points. Make plans how to make it work better.

Yes, society doesn't believe in gay couples just yet, but, by creating strong and healthy relationship, you can demonstrate that gay couples can function and can be happy.

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Lena Laursen, a sexologist, author, relationship educator, advice columnist and psychologist.
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