You all know how important it is to set goals, to stay focused and to overcome procrastination to reach success. What if you do all this like you should, you have written your goals down, you work on them every day, and still nothing happens? How is this possible? Did you have a close look at your emotions? They can stand in your way and block you!

Emotions play a very important role towards reaching or not reaching your goals. Before defining your goals, you have to get rid of every negative emotion, otherwise they will hold you back sooner or later! They are your worst enemy!

Here I offer you four effective proven techniques to get rid of your negative emotions in order to free your way to success :

1. Write down your stress

Take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down everything that stresses you, from the biggest to the smallest things. Really everything! Take your time. Then, crumple that piece of paper and throw it against the wall, with energy and force. Make some noise! You could also cut the paper into pieces and throw them in the garbage bin. Or you may prefer to burn the piece of paper – do that outside! These actions will help you expell the energy of your negative emotions.
When you feel calm again, take another piece of paper and write down the word “stress” in every way possible (small, big, pretty, ugly, tiny, upper case, etc.) and do the same things with it: throw it, cut it, burn it…
Then lighten a candle to purify the room, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

2. Erase your stress

Visualize your stress on a big screen. Imagine yourself in a theatre, alone, projecting a movie with your stress or your miserable situation on the screen.
Then visualize a very big eraser in your hand and see yourself erasing the pictures of your stress. Start in one corner of the screen and keep erasing slowly, bit by bit, all the pictures on the screen, until the screen is empty.
Now project a new movie in which you see yourself managing the situation much better and having the success you long for.

3. Write a letter

Write a letter to a person you are mad at, or to somebody that disappointed you. Write down everything, really everything you ever wanted to say to that person. Don’t withhold anything. Go on writing until you feel calm again and you feel you poured everything out.
Burn this letter, or cut it into pieces and throw it away.
This technique will help you to get rid of YOUR emotions, but it will not change other people’s behavior. However, by letting go of your negative emotions, it is very well possible that your perception of this person has changed. This will make him/her much more open towards you, when he/she feels that your energy has become less hostile.

4. Get rid of muscular pains

Stress accumulates in your muscles and organs. Your body needs to be relaxed and freed of all this accumulated stress. Take at least 15 minutes a day to relax.
To physically relax and get rid of the muscular tension, you can use different methods, like
massage sessions, several types of sports, body work sessions, osteopathy sessions, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, autogenic training of Schulz, relaxation method of Jacobson, etc.

To become familiar with these methods and apply them, you can find out more online or at the library, or consult with professionals that use these methods to restore the physical well-being of their patients.

With your negative emotions out of the way, you will achieve your goals much easier. Whenever negative emotions pop up again, use one of these four techniques to get rid of them, in stead of nurturing them and allowing them to block your way to success!

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