FORGIVENESS - Feeling or Action?

For a long time I struggled with being able to forgive. Maybe you have felt the same way?

In my “green sky” upside down thinking, I always thought forgiveness had to be a feeling. Something that made ME feel better inside towards the person I was trying to forgive. A futile effort that never seemed to grab the core of my heart.

What I have learned in my new right side up, “blue sky” world, is that forgiveness is an ACTION word.

If forgiveness was a feeling, you might as well take arsenic and expect the other person to die.

Forgiveness is not in accepting the other person’s unacceptable behavior, or wrong done to you.

Importance of Forgiveness

You have forgiven if you:

1.Wish no ill will or harm to the person who has treated you unjustly.
2.You pray or send enlightenment to the person you are trying to forgive to change for the better - because their soul needs more help than yours.
3.Leave it to God or your Higher Power to resolve the issue in a manner of divine justice for the good of all involved.
Forgiveness is not your idea of making the wrong right, but allowing God to make the wrong right.

Forgiveness is in keeping the focus on yourself. What can I learn from this? How can you transform the bad done to you, into something good for you and others in similar situations?

Self Forgiveness

Forgiveness begins with forgiving yourself. Trusting God more, and depending on yourself less. Listening to the whispers and warning signs God may be giving you in the silence of your prayer, or through other people.

God is bigger than your problems. You have to seek in the deep to believe God is always on your side. Persevering in the hope that if you do not desire revenge, He will give you the grace to obtain the peace you desperately seek.

Forgiveness is a process

You don’t put a seed in the ground, go outside in an hour, and expect a full grown ten foot tree to be looking back at you.

Who can you forgive today with action?

Maybe you can start with yourself.


From the book;
The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue - turning your upside down world right side up!

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Deb Scott is the author of the new motivational, self-help, spiritual book on How To Be Happy:
The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue ~ turning your upside down world right side up!

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