A couple happy and excited about the birth of their first child is a lovely reality however there are hidden traps that will no longer be hidden if they are examined ahead of time. This question will open that Pandora's box: If you had to choose between the life of your wife or the baby which would you choose? Interesting question. Now all the gifts, wedding photos home decorating to create your love nest means what? Would a male replace it with a nursery empty of the wife if the child was in danger during the birth and for a split second he chose the child in his mind and the wife died? Still want to have a baby? Now increased respect for the wife is possible because child birth is still a life risking procedure although significantly less due to the presence of both holistic and professional medical practitioners strive for excellence in respected professions.

Fat cells tell a story with weight gain in areas of the body where there is toxic stores a cellulite in women and some men and the breast tissue does not do that; it has no cellulite so it is the area of the body where sex differentiation occurs most naturally in larger amounts without the pucker. Why? It makes sense that cellulite formation which carries toxins; fat stores in the body are said to mostly in the body that form into cellulite toxic deposits where the fat is no longer held smoothly may be a sign for the observer to shed the weight and reduce the toxic fat in the body. So the behaviour of derision towards fat people is not unlike the baby who is scientifically proven to prefer a symmetrical face for the fat code carries toxicity and disease potentially. All know fat jokes many aimed towards women some after child birth where the subtle digs at them may interfere with a normal metabolism where the weigh is re distributed in a healthy way where the brain is not slowed in spatial processing important for child care and safety reflexes..science has proven it is slower in higher oestrogen carrying bodies from excess fat. See Quantum Slim module available from Blue Matrix Energetics.

In the previous century women were completely anaesthetized during childbirth and the birth experience was taken over by the doctor. Any disempowernment of sovereignty of a woman especially during a vulnerable procedure like childbirth is dangerous to maintaining a society of equality. So those husbands that understand the psychology of hidden control built into a behaviour or system are empowered against being it.

Through history if one peruses the Egyptian dynasties there is an increase in the appearance of huge, obese women as statues holding out small, flaccid breasts. Such is the predicament of a woman who had many babies and has 'nothing left to give in an unbalanced household where the men began to take concubines. It is a dangerous sign when female fertility symbols are later worn by men in history such as the female lion and the bull of an ancient female pharaoh Ahhotep who knew it meant flying our of body to the constellations at night and a greater spiritual understanding. An example is the genetically engineered Akhenaten who appeared on the scene with large thighs and belly resembling a female that scientific scholars debated if it was a birth defect. A male king wearing a stereotype of 'goddess' body neglected to include the fact in his own kingdom of the effects of non monogamous progeny houses where sometime incestuous marriages were conducted. It has been proven by science recently that there is a decrease in the spatial rotation ability in women who have high oestrogen levels; those are increased in women who are heavier. Depression whether mild or full on has been linked to obesity therefore the 'goddess' body stereotype needs to be updated. A sensitivity to hormonal body changes during pregnancy and child birth requires male maturity that does not send him looking over her shoulder at other women. He may then get his lovely, slender wife back full of confidence and energy instead of battling post partum blues. Clitoral cutting and female circumcision was only enacted in general on female sterile, engineered or bred workers in Egyptian history in secret by the Royal women so that any unfaithful men who may have desired to roam outside of the family with those people would have unsatisfying sexual relations as the orgasm was revered in those times for both genders. It makes sense that if the men were frustrated with the females desiring to deter the infidelity of the husbands that in reincarnation the male ruled governments enacted laws for all little girls to be circumcised and to control the female reproductive activities. Backward, karmic decisions have kept inequality hidden in society from those times and an attitude of women hiding truths to maintain power. A mystery that is boring and contributes to less enlightened genetic expression in both when gender games are played. For any people desiring to blame historical facts had better be certain that they did not contribute to the problems in other incarnations and if they did the easiest solution is to forgive the self and move on to greater choices.

Genetic inheritance carries buttons that the would may play in a drama with another or alone, contemplative to examine the pattern of emotionalism or behaviour that then may be stopped through the gaining of information that helps the codex key to be given to change. Any movement of the consciousness outside of the self to accuse another is the illusion of power that breaks when those accused or attacked move underground in the consciousness to form 'strategy against' covert in stealth. These are the beginning concepts of advancing war; for war between the sexes whether hidden or overt is the beginning of the demise of family and relations of nations that I have mentioned before. It is courageous to look at the self no matter what has occurred through history and know that the self is in a new life and the only individual that puts burdens of karma on the soul is the soul. That was a part of the teaching of the Egyptian writings for those moving from the underworld to a great plain of consciousness where no burden existed. The old testament teaches Karma," an eye for an eye." It is a fearful humanity if it clings to any ancient text (without embracing the burning of Alexandria) as its moral or spiritual code if that text is lacking in any way in being applicable to the personal evolution of consciousness of an individual. Codex keys open the gates of personal wisdom that allow the attainment of new concepts that build a greater individual consciousness and that heralds a greater family and society. What religion does is it encourages the individual to embrace the texts as authority. Places of education that knowledge the power of the individual studying as the Creator divine self cannot be held responsible for the text being incomplete in any way for those blanks are to be filled by the soul's realizations. So the marriage partner does not have all your answers either nor desires to be controlled; for that is co dependance.

Grooming rituals of parents or babies tell a lot. If the child is decked out and the parents look haggard there is an unbalance and the spoiled, demanding consciousness may over bloom in the child. Self care for parents creates a model of evenness of power in the home where servitude of the parents as lesser genetic expression seen very clearly by children who observe self neglect, may later be demanded. "It's all about me," is the nursery, baby shower and the marriage celebration occurred before the child arrived. Parents setting an example of self care on all levels for them selves sets an example for the child to grown up knowing something exceptional exists within each being including the little prodigy. Confidence blooms in such households. In the event of divorce children are never stripped of this gift coming from families who divorce to keep intact each person's self love.

In female mentorship there is a secret that has threatened the historical ineptness of some religions and some countries still have a problem with this fact:
that a woman carries a baby for nine months and her soul knows the DNA of the child and its development on a deep level because it is occuring inside her. Her as an enlightened mentor of such a child is the key to her being the best person for that and that is the power of the Goddess that the ancient Egyptian cultures knew and practiced in reverence of female who ruled more equally with her male partner more in these times than in any other period in history. Later the 'motherland' became the so called female Terra or Earth symbol replacing the Goddess as 'lands' fougnt over and so called 'protected' by the men clad in the goddess fertility and higher consciouness symbols; lion of female fertility now becoming the male lion of the war symbol and male gender. Wearing all this they still raped, pillaged and had male over female hierarchy now prizing the male heir wheras during the Meseopotamian and Egyptian dynasties women commanded far more armies and were not just there to produce a male heir. Mentorship of the children by women who carry them is never to be underestimated.


Examine where you are blocked or embracing power struggles in your relationship to your partner. Examine your role in your child's life; are you a respected mentor?

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