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There is perhaps nothing more vital to a man’s sense of masculinity than his ability to achieve and sustain an erection to please his partner. There are many products on the market that are capitalizing on this desire and while some are effective in the short-term, none will ever be completely effective or safe in curing impotence.

I can say this with complete, and utter certainty because all these so-called remedies or cures are missing the boat entirely on what really causes impotence and how to actually reverse it. Fit to Breed will change that.

This is a very simple report. In the following ten pages, you will learn everything you need to know to understand the causes of impotence, and how you can cure it.

So if you are among the millions of men who suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction, lowered libido, depressed sex drive or impotence, then let me share with you the simple truth.

This manual was written to communicate to you the following simple truth: If you are impotent it is because Nature has classified you as "unfit to breed."

Let me repeat a little louder:
You are impotent because Nature has classified you as "unfit to breed."

Until you are RE-classified as "FIT to Breed," your impotence will continue. But before you get too depressed as that sobering news sinks in, let me share with you the good news….


Now let’s apply what we’ve just learned to the issue of impotence. Remember we said before, through Nature, through the survival of every species is coded for its own survival. The body, as an agent of Nature’s survival, is designed to support Nature’s survival. Your sex drive is part of the bigger picture of the survival of the species. Organisms that have the best genes are permitted to breed. If your genes do not support the best chance of survival of the species, your body’s pre-coded genetic wisdom lessens your sex drive, and its moving parts in order to keep you from spreading weak seed which stands a lesser chance of survival.

So how did you get in this predicament in the first place? You weren’t born impotent? You had a pretty active youth. Then things started to decline. What happened?

To answer this questions, let’s take a further look at what has actually been happening to your body. Look at it like this. Your health at any given moment can be represented by a single point along a line. Let’s say this line has 26 points each represented by the letters of the alphabet. Let’s say the symptom of impotence is represented by the letter i.

a b c d e f g h i j k l ….

As the flow gets more and more blocked, as accumulations and depletions progress, you start progressing along this line. Perhaps at age 30 you started experiencing some "a" symptoms, then a few months or years later, some "b" symptoms. By the time you really notice that you are experiencing full blown "i" symptoms that aren’t improving, you may already be at point j, k or l.

This systemic deterioration can have numerous manifestations. Any or all of them could give Nature reason enough to revoke your procreation pass. There are many conditions which could now be affecting the strength and vitality of your sperm and reproductive virility.

You may have accumulated metals in your organs, blood or system.

You may have accumulated worms in your organs, blood or system.

You may have accumulated the effects of an overly-acidic system, a condition that causes free-radical damage and cancer.

You may be depleted in several critical nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals.

You may have a depleted digestive, endocrine, nervous, lymph or other vital system.

All of these are basically saying what we’ve learned earlier: that any illness is either an accumulation or a depletion. And any or all of these could have debilitating effects on your genes, the potency of your sperm and hence the survivability of your offspring

So, your job—the cure for impotence--is simply to reverse this condition, improve your genes, and thus convince Nature that you’re fit to breed.

The only way to cure your impotence is to somehow get back to point "h," which is where you were, say at age 30 just before your "i" symptoms started to appear. The objective is to reverse the trend and the direction of decline of your health.

Yes, it’s like going back in time. But as we learned from Principle 3, everything is reversible. If you got to point "i" by eating French fries every day, then to start reversing the trend, it is simply necessary to stop eating French fries, and take some remedial action. There is no way around it. Your condition is the direct result of actions you have taken, so reversing these actions is the only way to reverse your condition.

By strengthening your immune system, correcting imbalances, ridding yourself of parasites, reducing and eliminating your body’s level of toxicity, acidity and depletion, stopping and reversing the body’s deterioration, and allowing your body the time it requires to naturally heal itself, you will be accomplishing the release and replenishment of the accumulation and depletion that nature requires to upgrade your status.

That may seem like a tall order, but, remember, the body is naturally coded to heal. All YOU have to do is support it naturally, and allow it the time and environment to do so.

This cure won’t be for everybody. Few people in our modern, overnight fix society, have the discipline to change their habits, and so opt for the quick remedy. Again, this is a matter of personal choice. But every choice has consequences.

Opting for the quick fix means you’ll be addressing the symptoms of a deeper condition, putting substances in your body that are unnatural, and setting your self up for the condition to worsen.

1. Addressing only the symptom means that the root cause of your impotence remains unaddressed and will lead to other complications.

2. Taking these untested pills and remedies will cause other accumulations or depletions in the body which will cause other symptoms to be out of balance.

3. Every unnatural remedy causes side-effects which, while they may be manageable in light of the payoff, is constantly deteriorating the body and will result in ultimate ineffectiveness of the original "cure." (Viagra is now known to cause vision challenges in its users.) What good is having an erection if you can’t enjoy the beauty of your partner’s reaction and the sight of her pleasure?

So, as tedious as this cure may seem, it is the only viable solution to what ails you. The reason there won’t ever be a real, side-effect-free, medically safe, biologically harmless, environmentally respectful cure for impotence is that impotence, like any other affliction is simply a symptom of a gradual deterioration of the body along a single path. Reversing that path is the only cure.

Again, for the entire 10 page report, visit www.agelessadept.com.

Based on the concepts of The Ageless Adept: Perfect Health, Long Life and the Fountain of Youth.

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Walt Goodridge is an author and career coach who believes health and wealth are intricately connected. In his alter ego of A. Seeker, he presents the Ageless Adept.