The very first task that I work on with my clients is defining a target market (or niche) for their business. We do this first because everything you will need to do to make your business successful, including creating an effective web site, starting an ezine, and creating online marketing plan depends on what the target market is.

Same is true for your coaching business. Whether it is a life coaching business, business coaching business, career coaching business or any other coaching business, it does not matter. If you do not define your target market first, you can't market to it. If you can't market, you can't get any coaching clients, it's just that simple.

I have worked with coaches who have owned their own business for a few years and who still haven't decided on what their target markets are going to be. As a result, these coaches are not able to market their business well and don't have too many clients.

Don't make the mistake that these coaches are making. If you don't know who the target market is for your coaching business, spend some time on this and decide on your target market in the next month. Once you define a target market for your coaching business, you will see that it gets much easier to market your business online and get clients.

Here is a plan to help you use the information about your target market to market your business better:

- Talk about your target market on your coaching web site. Use your web site content to create a message that really speaks to your target customers. Tell them what you do and how you can help them. When your target customers know that you specialize in working with people just like them, they are more likely to hire you.

- Include the information about your target market into your introduction when networking, both online and offline. When you tell others who your target market is, they are more likely to refer your target market to you.

- Find out where your target market networks. Once you know who your target customers are, find out where they network. Now join these networking groups and promote your expertise there. Doing this will help you become known to your target market.

There are lots more benefits that result from defining an effective target market for your coaching business. One of the best benefits is that it will become much simpler and easier to get more coaching clients and newsletter subscribers once you define your target market. If you still don't have a target market for your coaching business, act now and define it.

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