When you get out of bed with that uneasy feeling in your stomach and your inner talk is negative you are guaranteed to have just such a day.

I don't care how much self development work you do, you will always have some days when things are not going your way and the world seems on top of you. The recent pervasive negativity has made it extra challenging to stay out of the collective fear and panick that is challenging us from every angle.

We all can do with a boost to our problem solving abilities and it pays to remind ourselves that all the fear and worry is created inside ourselves. What you focus on you get, It really is as simple as all that.

One of the main keys to good problems solving is your ability to keep your negative emotions and feelings in check and you can do this by not reacting to them. Of course, for many this idea is just utopia, because most of us are so wrapped up in our emotions that we believe we cannot control them.

However, every time you look at a problem that you believe you cannot solve you are looking in the mirror of an unresolved mental block. Your problem is your mind reacting to some old unresolved issue that is lurking deep inside your subconscious mind and this is telling your conscious mind that you may not have the answer to your problem. Such incorect assumptions are an illusion though.

Fortunately, what your mind is telling you is rubbish.The reason you cannot find the answer is simply because you are focusing on the wrong thing and this creates fear and anxiety in its wake.

You see, your problems are an illusion caused by your brain forming incorrect neuro associations. If you have had a lot of early life trauma, and this means anything traumatic happening in your life before seven years of age you may find it more difficult to get into problem solving mode since your mind flashes up warning signs of impending danger every time a so called problem is on the horizon.

Your mind takes in millions of different pieces of information in every moment and only between 25 to 40 of those pieces of information ever reach your conscious mind. In other words, you are running on automatic pilot most of the time. This works fine as long as all the old memory folders and past events are stored in the correct order. You will react with stress and fear though if these folders are in the wrong place and you begin to panick because you fear that there is no solution to your problem.

Energy techniques, like EFT and in particular Micro EFT are great tools to change your mental state quickly and release old incorrect programming in very quick time. You can do Micro EFT in less than a minute. It works similar to taking a few homeopathic drops every hour or so. Micro input gets you macro results. Provided you use it several times throught the day you will get answers to your problems, because you are gradually reducing the anxiety that has created them in he first place. Before you know it, probably when you have stopped thinking about your problem the answer will appear. Practicing to let go is the real secret to problem solving and a skill you should develop.

My digital book Solve Problems In Minutes gives you a template for your problem solving using EFT. Once you get the basics and practice with the sessions you can make problem solving child's play.

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Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach, energy therapist and author. She has written a number of books on problem solving and manifestation techniques. Sign up to her free course: 5 Little Known Secrets To Happiness at

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