Scene: the Head Office. The Vulcan and the Engineer sit at small desks. The Canter and the Shudoff sit properly erect in straight-backed chairs. Others lounge in comfortable chairs.

Vulcan: We were mulling about self-growth.
Engineer: We found some parts of the head that might help people with self-growth.
Canter: We can’t help them. It’s too complicated. We can't be sure we found all the parts.
Un: If there are parts we have not found, the Canter can show them to us.
Canter: We can't show you what you haven't found.
Un: You can show people what they can't do.
Canter: That we can do.
Un: The Canters know their calling. What are the walls that people can't pass?
Hunter: On the road to self-growth. We want to stay on target.
Canter: We can't list everything. There are too many walls. The walls are different for different people.
Engineer: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Start with the most important.
Vulcan: In the moment, the most important wall is indecision.
Un: In Decision? I used to work in that town. I sold water paint to the sign painters.
Canter: You can't paint signs with water. In a few minutes there is nothing there.
Un: But it keeps the painters busy.
Empath: Many people would not call indecision a wall. They would say it is the result of a wall.
Vulcan: They would look beyond their hesitation and see another wall.
Un: He who hesitates is last.
Empath: It is that other wall that keeps them from deciding.
Vulcan: But they do decide. They decide to hesitate. To wait.
Networker: To wait for Godot.
Vulcan: Waiting is a choice. Waiting is a decision.
Un: It is not a wall that holds people back. It is the waiting.
Vulcan: The choice to wait. Indecision.
Canter: But they can't decide. They don't know the right choice.
Un: The can decide to wait. Whether that is the right choice or not.
Explorer: They can decide to explore. To test. To try out.
Hunter: Anything that doesn't work is a trial run.
Canter: They can't even explore if they don't know what they want.
Un: They can explore what they want.
Tooth Fairy: They can wish.
Storyboarder: They can imagine what things would be like if the wish came true.
Empath: They can feel what it would be like.
Vulcan: They can decide how much they want it.
Un: Or how much they don't want it.
Engineer: They can decide whether it is worth working for.
Un: Or whether it is worth abandoning for another wish.
Vulcan: They can decide. They can choose.
Un: Either way, they can stop waiting.
Networker: They can move out of indecision.
Un: Or they can go on painting their signs with water.
Vulcan: It is their choice. Their decision.
Organ Music. Voice over: Tune in next month, when we hear the Shudoff say: If they don’t know what to decide, they should get somebody to decide for them.

Author's Bio: 

Selby Evans was formerly Professor of Psychology at Texas Christian University and an independent consultant in behavioral research. He retired some years ago. Not yet having attained the age of senility, he now provides consulting to the Applied Cognitive Research Lab at Texas Christian University and maintains a website,, intended to disseminate the findings of applied cognitive research to people interested in self-improvement, self-growth, and self-direction.