Escaping the Credit Epidemic
Rebuilding Reserves for a Healthier Future

We don’t need to look too far to see signs of mounting credit problems in our society today. Not only is it the focus of every newscast and headline, it has impacted our families, our friends, our communities, and for many, our personal lives. We are constantly reminded of the “credit crunch” and the heavy mountains of debt that so many find themselves struggling under. But what has led us to such a point, and more importantly how do we regain our strength and recover? The answer, while simple, is not easy or quick. Easy and quick is what got us into this mess in the first place. It’s that desire to “turn a blind eye” or “worry about it tomorrow” that has finally caught up with us and is demanding our attention – with considerable interest.

But our credit woes are not just limited to our finances. They are pervasive in every area of our lives. We indulge in sweets, alcohol, rich foods and drugs, skipping the gym, and hoping our health will hold out a little longer. We work long hours, neglecting our family, friend and recreation, trusting that there will be time tomorrow for all of them, and that those closest to us will still be there, waiting. We put off going for our perfect lives, perfect careers and perfect relationships, because there is always one more thing to do first, and we suck ourselves in with the illusion that there are endless tomorrows; there aren’t. We live our lives constantly opting for short term gratification instead of long term fulfillment, and this is the treacherous trap of credit.

So how pervasive is “credit buying” in your life? Where are you robbing your tomorrows to pay for today? And are you willing to take the necessary steps to stop? Below are a few ways to help you identify the deficits in your life, and some simple guidelines for turning them around.

1. Are you constantly tired and in need of sleep, or running on caffeine, promising yourself that you’ll “catch up” on it tomorrow?

2. Do you have a health problem that you’ve been neglecting, or have you put on weight, that you’ll deal with when you have a little more time and less stress?

3. Are you over spending, in anticipation that “next year will be better”?

4. Do you have adequate retirement saving, or are you hoping that it will somehow all work out?

5. Are you in a relationship that’s “good for now” but ultimately not one that you see yourself in long term?

6. Are you in a job that pays the bills but will never create the dream you have for your life, and with no exit plan?

7. Do you procrastinate on your work, favouring video games or TV, having to run frantic and stressed later to make up for what should have already been done?

8. Is there a void in your life due to lack of support from close friends or in your primary relationship that you are ignoring or haven’t dealt with? And what are the long term effects?

These are the ways that we rip ourselves off with short term feel goods, or even doing what’s easier in the moment, instead of doing what’s right for long term happiness in our lives. We spend time, money and energy that we don’t have, telling ourselves that if we just take care of today, we can worry about the rest tomorrow. And worrying about it tomorrow is exactly what we are doing. Except tomorrow has become today, and the worry is now.

As I said earlier, the solution is simple, but perhaps not easy or quick. (If it was, we’d already be doing that instead!)The only way we can stop cheating our tomorrows, is by living within the reality of today – even when that reality isn’t pretty or doesn’t feel good in the short term. When we live in the truth of the moment, we reconnect ourselves with our own power, giving ourselves the strength and permission to move forward in a more healthy and grounded way.

So my challenge to you is to take a realistic inventory of your life. Where are you at today, and are you robbing your future of it's health, it's wealth and it's joy? Answer the questions above, and see where you're overspending. Then take a gentle, honest look at your life, and make a list what needs to change. If you don't know how to implement the changes, seek out experts to help you; a financial planner, trainer, a counselor or a coach.

Today will become tomorrow soon enough, in only a few hours as a matter of fact. And when you think of it being that close, doesn't it make sense to change?

Until next time, take good care of yourself and your life.

Love Life and Laughter! Hunter

Author's Bio: 

Hunter Phoenix has nearly 15 years experience in the personal growth and wellness industry. Stemming from an overwhelming desire to transform her own life, Hunter began to work with coaches and healers in the early 1990’s, when “coaching” as we know it today was just in its infancy. Through the years, as dramatic shifts occurred, and Hunter’s life was radically changed, she became more and more convinced that she had to share this work with others.
Hunter has studied in California at JFK University’s Institute for Integrative Coaching, in Toronto, Canada at The Transformational Arts College as well as attending seminars, workshops and one-on-one training with several of North America’s leading coach trainers.

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