To become enlightened is to know that no matter what your life has been like, each and every experience you have had taught you a valuable lesson that you were meant to learn. The universal energy has always provided assistance to us in one way or another. Life’s lessons are nothing more than a way for us to gain wisdom.

As you get older, one of the lessons we all should learn is to be patient with life. By being more patient and calmer, you will have more time to explore your higher self or you inner self. Learn how to focus by meditating and practice it every chance you get.

Many people believe that there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence because we and everything else is connected to a universal energy of love and information. This energy is ever increasing tide of insights and awareness and another source of information. You just need to know how to access it.

To become enlightened is the ability to change the way you think. Focus on what is working rather than becoming frustrated and angry over what isn’t. Think about it, listen to the mind chatter going on, talk about it even meditate on it. This will allow you to confront the issue directly and by thinking about it and talking about it you are also focusing in on the issue, which will help you to clarify what needs to be done about it.

Release any mental, emotional or physical attachments you may have formed by listening to negative people and their opinion of you. Let go of any negativity of the past. We also have a habit of becoming attached to people we are familiar with even though those people are the same ones who are critical of you or think they should have some kind of power of what you do, say or think. The reason we feel pain and suffering is because it goes against the universal order of things in that pain and suffering is our life force energy telling us to let go. It is to affect change, which is necessary to get away from your ego and return to the spiritual.

Sometime we are our own worse enemy due to an internal victimization programming because of people who feel sorry for us because of our pain. This is a way for the unenlightened to get attention, which is feeding the ego rather than the spiritual. We also become victims by becoming martyrs and groining the ‘woe is me’ mantra. This is a serious impediment to enlightenment. You basically need to get over yourself and really start to live by getting in touch with your higher self.

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