EFT, Energy Psychology For Today's Health
By Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master, Pro EFT Founder

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It is widely accepted these days that our emotional health plays an important role in our physical well being. Who doesn't recognize that our hearts pound when we’re frightened, our faces turn red when we’re embarrassed, our palms become sweaty when we’re anxious, and our heads ache when we're stressed? It’s hard to deny that emotions are affecting our bodies. In fact, there is an endless list of ailments attributed to stress alone, that includes indigestion, stiff neck, shoulder pain and teeth-grinding.

Left untreated, negative emotions can have a devastating impact on our long term health, including ulcers, hypertension, depression, asthma, and even cancer. In fact, unresolved emotional issues have become a silent epidemic in our country. Millions of us carry around a lifetime of betrayals, anger, stress, anxiety, grief, rejection, and much more. While some may seek help for emotional problems…the majority, tragically, do not.

Moreover, we now have thousands of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, who are not only physically injured, but emotionally wounded as well. The VA says it has already treated 6,400 veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and experts predict that approximately 45,000 returning troops will suffer from this traumatic mental illness alone. VA hospitals are already full of Vets who can’t let go of what they saw, heard, smelled and felt in combat.

Friends and family will suffer as well, living on the outside of the embedded memories their loved ones are experiencing internally. Many of these returning Vets, as well as millions of others who suffer from chronic pain or emotion issues, seek help from traditional therapists. Talk therapy, however, often takes months or years to resolve an issue with the patient having to re-experience the trauma many times over.

In the past 25 years a new branch of emotional healing is its territory as a credible healing technology. Energy Psychology, which works via the body’s electrical or meridian system, much like acupuncture, has been shown to produce highly effective and relatively rapid results.

Energy Psychology, of which EFT is the leader, is a family of novel mind/body interventions that have been clinically shown to help with a wide range of concerns by treating the human vibrational matrix. Energy technology has been effective alleviating mind-body distresses such as traumas, anxiety, phobias, stress, limiting beliefs, addictions, compulsions, allergies, personality disorders, and chronic pain.

This type of work is rapidly growing and so popular that there is a training and certification body, in operation for over eight years, AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) seems to be the forerunner of these therapies in that is has the largest following, is easy to use, and remains the fastest growing. For that reason the majority of this article will focus on the EFT modality of the Energy Psychologies. EFT was developed in the mid 90s by Gary Craig, now retired. He transformed energy psychology making EFT easy to learn, user-friendly and available to the masses.

Applying EFT

Unlike using needles as with acupuncture, the client or patient simply taps or touches lightly on specific meridian points as instructed by the practitioner. These points are mostly on the upper body and face and stimulating them sends tiny “shock waves” or soothing pulses throughout the energy system. By performing this systematic stimulating of the meridian points, (about 10 in all), while verbally addressing a specific problem, the emotional or physical issue progressively disappears. This simple process balances and re-energizes the system, often in a matter of minutes, clearing blockages and dissipating the negative emotions as you go. Often an issue is resolved in only a few minutes

More complex issues, like rape, PTSD, or serious illnesses, however, may encompass several aspects and could take an hour or more to get ideal results. Persistence, however, will usually completely eradicate the issue, and in far less time than other therapies.

Ironically, EFT’s ease of use and the speed in which one experiences results are often the reasons it has not been more readily recognized by the medical community. We as a society have been conditioned that “these things take time to heal”. Thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, however, who have experienced EFT or other Energy Therapies feel differently about them. Here is what just a few have to say on the subject.

"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools, as it is for me." Eric Robins, MD

“EFT has been, for me, the single most effective technique I’ve used in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist. I’ve had success with panic, social anxiety and many other disorders.” Curtis Steele, MD,

Some of the reasons that tapping on our energy point s is so remarkable is that:
- It works even when other methods, including traditional medicine or therapy has not
- EFT provides often fast, long-lasting and gentle relief
- It does not involve drugs, needles, or equipment
- Tapping can be easily learned by virtually anyone and self-administered
- It is effective on a multitude of issues both physical and emotional
- It can be used effectively for insomnia, depression, clutter, weight issues, procrastination, abundance and more

How does it Work?
Every negative emotion we experience, including anger, frustration, stress, grief, guilt, anxiety, fear, etc. is a result of a blockage somewhere in the body’s energy system. This life-force energy is carried by the body's meridian system through tiny pathways, much as arteries and vessels carry the body’s blood. This principle, of course is second nature to acupuncturists. When that energy is blocked or disrupted by a traumatic or unpleasant event such as being dumped by our sweetheart, feeling pressured by a deadline, or being ridiculed by our boss, the resulting effect would be a negative emotion - like sadness, embarrassment, stress, humiliation or anger.

Systematically tapping on the energy points provides not on relief, but in most incidence complete resolution. In skill hands EFT can produce results of over 95%, a statistic the medical community would love to achieve.

EFT, along with is Energy Therapy cousins, including Progressive EFT, an advanced version of EFT, remain the most exciting healing aids emerging today. Yet until a person experiences this type of process for themselves, it’s hard to fully comprehend the profound positive impact it can have on our emotional health and physical well being. Only time will tell what discoveries and progress we will make with these remarkable tool in the years to come.

Good Luck and Good Tapping,
Lindsay Kenny

Author's Bio: 

Lindsay is an EFT Master, Life Coach, and workshop facilitator in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also the Founder and Director of the National Alliance for Emotional Health www.NAFEH.org.
For over 30 years Lindsay has been helping people find their life partners, lose weight, decrease their stress and anxiety, and live more effective, joyful lives. She feels that teaching people EFT is the most effective way to help them deal with life's challenges, while providing them with a tool they can use throughout their lifetime.
Lindsay also conducts EFT workshops, regular EFT Teleclasses, and EFT Intensives. To contact Lindsay, visit her Website at www.LKCoaching.com or e-mail her at LKcoaching-Linz@yahoo.com