All of us suffer from some distortions and blocks in our energy system. The Auric body or aura is where many of these blocks can be seen and experienced. Energy sciences today believe the aura consist of seven layers, which correlate to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in each person. The size, colors, clarity, and brilliance of the layers in the aura provide information related to our health and balances in life. Within the Aura, seven energy centers known as “Chakras” function to regulate the flow of energy through our energy system.These Chakras appear as vortices beginning at the Perineum and continuing to the top of the head, each Chakra and layer of the field is associated with different physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body. Many healers use techniques in which they gently touch energy centers of the body know as chakras. A healer will sense into and move energy into deep levels of our being. At first many people experience this in a dreamlike or subconscious state, you may not feel anything or experience any shifts for several sessions. After receiving Energy Healing for sometime the work and experience may be felt more on a conscious level.
Trained and gifted Energy Healers work to guide us through our own healing journey; they facilitate a safe environment for us to deepen our understanding and contact with ourselves.
Energy Healers, may want you to share personal information about your childhood, family history, dramatic events in your life, past and present health conditions, emotional and mental experiences, relationships, spirituality and more.

Energy Healing involves a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional commitment to self development, honesty and life. Some of the benefits you may expect from Energy Healing work include; having more energy, allowing more pleasure into your life, living with a reduced amount of stress, experiencing deeper sleep and relaxation, helping to clear the body of toxins, balancing of unhealthy organs and body systems, transforming negative patterns, improved relationships, and profound personal change.
Energy Healing may be beneficial to many physical, mental and emotional ailments, healing practitioners and medical institutions are becoming more aware and receptive of Energy Healing work as part of professional health care.
Energy healing should be considered a complimentary therapy for anyone experiencing physical or mental conditions that would normally require medical or therapeutical intervention.

Selecting the right Energy Healer is an important part of any healing experience. Honoring our own intuition, comfort and choices will help to establish the most beneficial relationship. Checking references, training and meeting with various Healers prior to any session commitment is highly recommended.
May the Blessings of the Earth be with you always,
Peter Koehler

Author's Bio: 

Peter Koehler, born in California and currently living in the Sierra Foothills, with frequent visits to Florida and Mexico. Peter has studied and worked with plants most of his life. Peter has always felt a deep connection to the earth and nature, and has worked with rainforest advocacy groups and other forest preservation projects worldwide.

Peter’s interest in plants and the rainforest lead him to the study of tribal medicine, and shamanic traditions. Peter is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and a 4th year student of the well recognized Barbara Brennan's school of healing. He has an extended knowledge and education in energetic anatomy, shamanic practices, energy healing, and hands on healing techniques.
Peter is spiritually gifted as an energy worker and Light Healer.
His unlimited creative and intuitive abilities combined with a strong ability to communicate makeup his powerful gift to work with others.
Peter is passionate about his work and has an amazing heart for holding and bringing in light and love.

Peter's intention is to bring balancing and expansion to the bio-energy and chakra system of the body. Working to free the energy system of blocked, unbalanced, or stagnant energy, and promote flow throughout the Auric and physical body. It is through this work that he feels people’s experience of themselves can change drastically.
”If we are no longer trapped in the illusion of being something we are not, we can experience a great sense of freedom in being who we are free to be.”

Peter is the "creator" and administrator of the website. He is an expert web developer and programmer always interested in working with the latest technology in this field. Currently working on the development of intelligent games and applications that will inspire people to look deeper into themselves