I am baffled when people excuse hate filled messages by claiming “freedom of speech”.
It is a wonderful gift to live in a nation that protects our right to speak out openly and passionately on our opinions and beliefs.

I don't think however, that this right was ever intended as an excuse to use language to promote hate, fear, or violence.

It seems to me that freedom of speech is better used to share wisdom, insights and personal experiences that lift up the whole of humanity and bring us closer together rather than tearing us further apart.

It concerns me when I hear people in America using their wonderful freedom of speech to promote hatred towards others for a difference of religion or preference of political party.

How did we get so confused on what freedom is? How did we come to think that speaking out in hatred and violence empowers us to higher levels of freedom.

Empowerment comes not from hateful words or violent acts, rather from a centered place within where you realize your connection to All That Is. Your experience of love and kindness makes you strong.
Fear and hatred make you weak, it makes you afraid.

Fear and hate always weaken us and push us further apart in our ideas and our being able to accept that we are all children of the same Energy, brothers and sisters sharing the same planet.

I see mothers in stores popping their children to “make them behave” and have to wonder why they think violence towards their small children is effective. It only teaches children that when you feel frustrated and don't know what else to do, you reach out and hurt someone you love.

As women, mothers, sisters; let;s empower ourselves through words of kindness, thoughts of understanding and acts of love rather than staying in the place of a false sense of security that fear gives us.

True freedom, is more than being able to say whatever you want, it's releasing yourself from fear and living fully who you are. Freedom and personal empowerment promotes well being, prosperity, love, success and growth of acceptance and understanding.

Be Free in every area of your life experience by choosing thoughts and actions that lead to the betterment of All.
You are free, you can be nothing else. There is nothing to fear and fear only promotes more to fear. It's the law of attraction at work. Living free from fear and hatred is your right, this is the better feeling option. It spreads Oneness and a sense of community and togetherness which heals and inspires all who come in contact with you to live their Best Self as well.

Open your heart, then open your mind and allow everyone to be free to think and believe even when it's not in line with your truth. By choosing to live free, you are a light to the world and an inspiration that others will follow.

Walk in peace, think in kindness, share in love.. make a difference that catches on and lifts us all higher.

Affirmations for the day

I am an instrument of peace.

Love flows through me and touches the world

Kindness is my companion.

I am free to express my brilliance

Joy is my expression

Empowerment is the result of expressing who I really Am

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