What Happens After You Make a Wish?

Personally, I don't recommend wishing or dreaming. You see, when you wish, in the physical universe, you go out of the present moment, and your mind observes this. Your mind sees that you are dreaming about some future event or situation, and it puts you on automatic. Also, when you place a wish into the universe, there is invariably and immediately a form of resistance that comes against it. This resistance is called the physical universe. Some people call it real life.

In the Life Transformation Formula e-book, I recommend a technique that allows you to have your dreams and wishes come true, in minutes, in your own universe. That is part of the trick to it. A real life magic trick. And if you know how to do perform this magic, there is no resistance, and your wish has a much better chance of coming true. In fact my Life Transformation Formula is so effective is helping other people that one of the problems I noticed is people having trouble tracking all the results they are getting.

In fact one guy who imagined a red Ferrari in his own universe, had one show up parked right outside of the new apartment he was moving into. He was so surprised and excited to see his dream taking form in the physical universe, that he forget to have his girlfriend take a picture of him standing next to it! One of these days, if it is still what he desires, I know he is going to be driving and even owning that car, if that is what he wants.

I thought I better write this article explaining how it is that a wish CAN come true, and to warn you about why they often don't.

The process of materializing what you desire and imagine starts with a thought. Every skyscraper that you see, was once only an architects plan. Even the world itself, is said to have started as a thought of the Divine Creator. Everything material, starts as a thought. What happens between the time that you form a thought, and the time and place that it materializes?

First of all, I want to make it very clear what I am talking about. There is the idea that thought creates reality. This is the basis of the Life Transformation Formula. In every day life, the evidence this is the way reality is formed can be seen for example when a building is first planned, and then it is constructed. The plan, the idea, always comes first. At least that is the basic premise for this discussion.

If you agree with that, and hopefully you have experienced how a thought, or dream, or wish or plan that you had has come into reality, then you know what I am talking about. That is what Edgar Cayce the famous psychic means when he says "mind is the builder".

That is what Buddha means when he says, "we are what we think, all that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. "

So if I think that I would like to have a million dollars in my bank account right now, then why doesn't that happen, instantly and without effort? If I get in the car and I am afraid that i am going to have a terrible accident, why doesn't that happen every time?

Why do some thoughts make it all the way into reality, and some don't? Answer that question, and you will understand a great deal, and accomplish a lot.

For one thing, it matters a lot, where you put that thought, once you launch it. Thoughts are things, and if you throw them out in the physical universe, without knowing what you are doing, they do have influence, but it can be like trying to throw a ball through a brick wall. It just bounces back, or worse, it can come back distorted. Some people throw out their thoughts with such force and power, but they still hit a brick wall, better known as " the real world".

So let's look at that. Some thoughts are repetitive. The person who continues to focus on putting a million dollars in the bank, uses that thought to drive action. Many actions, and many supporting thoughts. Perhaps even learn new skills. Can you see that there is a process that must unfold. But how do you hold a thought like that for so long? How do you make it all come true faster?

Holding the thought, repeating the thought, that is one of the forces that occurs between the original thought, and the reality it creates in your life.

Many thoughts are held within the body, programmed in from childhood experiences and so on. We don't even think about them consciously perhaps. Or they are so familiar that they don't seem like they are there.

Do you understand? It is important to hold the thought, yet it can be held effortlessly in the body, if you program it in there. And you need to know how to do this. It makes a big difference in the quality of life, if you have some great ability to work with your thoughts. And I know some great skills that you can aquire from my e-book now.

The High Speed Results Life Transformation Formula, transmits you the skill to program thoughts into your body that work for you in all the areas of life. The Life Transformation CD has a set of thoughts for general step by step success in all areas of life, with sound and music to program those basic thoughts into your body.

The ClearTalk session helps you to replace and transform old and unwanted, buried thoughts, no matter what they are, with new ones that you choose to materialize. And much more.

Another thing that happens when a thought is formed, and held, is that some thoughts materialize and some don't. Many people who consciously pray, or wish or otherwise put forth thoughts say "thy will be done, not mine." Or "for my highest good, and the good of all".

So there is the idea that nothing comes into creation, without the Creators permission, or without the permission of forces such as our higher beings, that watch over us. This means that in order to get something to materialize, part of the process, is to develop a relationship with the forces that are involved in allowing it or assisting it to materialize.

This can be very spiritual and very practical. In the example where the original thought is the plan for a building, there are permits that must be obtained, financing, and many people to coordinate, equipment and materials to purchase, and so on.

So again, you can see the process in action.

The reason I am writing about this today, is to help you to have a more easy and elegant journey from thought to materialization. By holding the original thought, and remembering that thought, going back to that thought, re-working that thought, you will have much greater success than someone who forgets about the original thought or plan.

Secondly, the original thought re-assessed as time goes on and the process unfolds, will provide great strength and guidance to any actions taken. My friend is seeing the red ferrari he wants show up in the physical universe, so he has the opportunity to assess and develop his wish. He can change his mind, or he can hold the thought. It's up to him. One thing that can happen is that all the actions that need to be taken will seem very clear, if you keep the thought clear.

Would you like to know how to form a thought, and hold it almost effortlessly until it comes true? No matter what?

Otherwise there is the risk of getting caught up in taking too many actions that are inefficient. It is amazing how much will come about simply from the power of the thought alone, if you refrain from all but the best of actions that you feel compelled to follow.

All obstacles can be overcome by using this method of holding the original thought and letting it guide you on how to build it into the physical universe. There is a place that you can put your thoughts, that once they are there, their force and power to help you in life, is magnified tremendously. This is totally revealed in my e-book.

There is much more that may be involved in the materialization of each thought, many specific details. If there is something that you desire and imagine in your life, please call me, and let me help you to form the thought, and follow it through to materialization. That is what I do for a living!

Finally, when you do find that one of your thoughts has materialized, then notice that it has, and try and trace the process backwards to the original thought or dream or wish or vision, to see what happened along the way. Track your results. Count your blessings.

Forgive yourself or anyone involved for any mistakes or problems that happened along the way, and be grateful for everything that worked out and the final successful result. Appreciate yourself and everyone and everything involved for making it happen.

Counting your results helps greatly to prepare you better to make new thoughts and materialize them.

Dreams do come true. Sometimes you just need a little help to make them happen. Sometimes a lot of help! In my own universe, I am potently helping you experience in real life that your best dreams and wishes come true for you, by providing resources to help you to materialize what you desire and imagine.

Author's Bio: 

Jorj Elprehzleinn has spent the last 14 years studying and teaching the use of imagination and mind power for materializing desires and imaginations and finding happiness. He uses his own techniques everyday and presents a practical e-book with a free chapter at his site: www.elprehzleinn.com