Over the last 20 years I have done a lot of research into geopathic stress and electro magnetic fields. What started out initially as solely geopathic stress research merged into research into electro magnetic radiation and the evidence of dangers to our physical and emotional health which I observe daily in my work is very worrying.

First lets look at a few brief facts

Geopathic stress is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is largely caused by cavities in the earth's mantle where subterranean water is flowing, earth faults and made worse through human activities, like mining, underground cabling, building work and similar.

Electro magnetic field radiation is the result of the extensive use of all manner of electronic equipment and wi-fi technology widely used in offices, schools and most private homes.

Geopathic stress has been steadily on the increase for many years and it took me a while to realise what's happening: The increased use of electronic equipment is putting pressure on the earth's mantle and appears to be increasing geopathic stress. Very often when electro magnetic radiation is high, often due to new telecommunication masts springing up in the neighbourhood geopathic stress levels suddenly zoom up.

Many of us live in these conditions completely ignorant of what these harmful energies are doing to our long term well being. It is a fact, if you live in a built up area you are very likely to be permanently exposed to dangerously high levels of both geopathic stress and electro magnetic radiation. In cities like London or New York you will be hard pushed these days to find a space clear from these harmful energies.

Now we have two dangerous energies which affect our brains and lengthy exposure causes chronic health problems, reduces immune function and also causes inter personal relationship problems. It is a well researched fact that in 80 % of all relationship problems geopathic stress is found in at least one of the partners.

Electro magnetic radiation fries cells

Probably most of you already know that electro magnetic radiation literally fries your brain. If you use your mobile for longer than 3 minutes a day you are at risk of contracting certain types of brain tumours. Yet most of us carry on using our mobiles completely oblivious to the dangers, even though you could easily protect yourself.

Children are particularly at danger because their undeveloped brains are much more susceptible to harmful environmental energies. The regular and lengthy mobile phone conversations of youngsters cause long term health damage which will often not become apparent until they are adults. Problems like A.D.D. for example can be clearly linked to electro magnetic fields and also geopathic stress.

The electro magnetic radiation from mobiles and computers also affects your eyesight. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, because they carry a very high fluid content.

Studies show that food left near electro magnetic radiation loterally shrivels away. It is well documented that geopathic stress causes food to go off. Some supermarkets are becoming aware of these harmful energies. They use energy vitalisers to neutralise the effect on their fresh produce, well hidden from public view of course.

The dangers of long term exposure to these energies is being suppressed and studies are debunked or simply ignored in the name of big profits and convenience. It is my belief that we will see lawsuits emerging, similar to what we witnessed with the cigarette giants as evidence of the dangers of electro magnetic radiation becomes known to a wider public.

It concerns me greatly to see this clear link between geopathic stress and electro magnetic radiation. The earth's mantle clearly is reacting to the onslaught of these energies and produces higher levels of geopathic stress as a response. The unprecedented high levels of anxiety, increased aggression, depression, chronic health issues, relationship troubles, all of which are typical tell tale signs of high geopathic stress levels, tell their own story.

Please take the time to do your own research and educate yourself. Both geopathic stress and electro magnetic pollution are serious issues and far from new age scare mongering. Fortunately, you can neutralise these energies effectively. This may well be the best investment you can make in your long term well being.

You can find more info on my website www.eftmindpower.com which contains a lot of info and research on geopathic stress and electro magnetic radiation.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a human development coach, energy therapost and author specialising in trading and investment psychology and manifestation techniques.

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