The recent Presedential election has brought new interest to Down's Syndrome, it's causes and it's process. Western medicine tells us there is no cure, though research dollars are being spent to study DNA and chromosome deviations.

Holistic health looks at the causes of all imbalances. Because this particular imbalance is related to DNA, we have found what we believe to be the root cause. Acid. Acidity in either or both of the creative parents prior to conception can cause many things to happen to the fetus and Down's Syndrome is one of them.

Acidity comes from our drinking and bathing water, over-the-counter medications, processed food, microwaved food and a host of other things that Americans are very used to using. The body tries desparately to compensate for an acidic condition, but often loses the battle.

Our bodies are meant to be 70 - 80% alkaline, hence a recommended blood Ph of 7.4. That's because we are 70 -80% water. Most people are deydrated becuase they substitute coffee, soda, beer and juice for water, none of which provide the needed hydrogen and oxygen for cellular staina and growth. Bottled water, though popular and usually better than tap water, is still very acidic and contains chlorine as the bottles are cleaned using bleaches and the chlorine or its by-products leech back into the water. Bathing or showering in acidic and toxic water is actually worse than drinking it as all the toxins are absorbed through the skin in less than a minute. Proper diet and water intake is essential before conception to protect the fetus from chromosome damage.

A Down's baby will have many special needs, but one of the main things parents can do to help alleviate further imbalances is to make sure the water is purified, the foods are not processed, the colon is not clogged and no food or drinks are microwaved. The more alkaline te child, the better teir bodies and minds can cope and compensate.

Author's Bio: 

Rayna is a Holistic Health consultant and the author of Forget The Cures, Find The Cause, books 1 and 2.