Talk seems to be plentiful about "getting real" and "keeping it real" these says. But what exactly does that mean? One of the definitions of the word real is "being or occurring in fact or actuality; not imaginary or ideal." So basically, the talk is about dealing with what actually exists and not putting a happy spin on things. While it is definitely a good idea to know what is going on around you, being real is not the complete solution. Striving for your ideal, your passion, and your purpose -- is. Comprehension of the present situation helps lay the foundation for the ideas that follow, but your present is just that. Dreams are imaginary until you've put action and purpose to them to make them become realities. A goal is nothing more than that until it has been achieved.

How many instances can you recall of people who made incredible contributions to society based upon their acknowledgement of their reality, and their fierce dedication to the pursuit of their passion and desire to change said reality? They weren't afraid to stray from conventions and follow their own course. Think of something on a smaller scale, like Sadie Hawkins Day. Granted this day was created in the comic strips, but it was such a novel idea that it caught on in real life more than half a century ago. It was a huge thing for a female to ask a male out on a date. The creation of such a day alleviated the stigma and made it perfectly fine for a girl to ask a boy out. Think of the possible ripple-effects of such an esteem-building event. Women feeling free enough to take more of an active role. Think of how many lives have been shaped by something that was not real, but an idea conjured up by a writer. On a larger scale, look at the United States. This country was founded by people willing to break free of the norm, willing to embrace their passion and create a new reality. Our forefathers were definitely not lacking in purpose.

Your dreams may not have as widespread an impact, but they are just as important. Aren't you worth having a life full of purpose and rich with passion? No one should be stuck in reality, unable to allow yourself to each beyond your present towards a future full of passion and purpose. Take a lesson from someone you admire. Very few people reach their desired goal without first dreaming of how to get there. Even if your dream seems farfetched, never be afraid to step outside of the box. Real need not be a path on the straight and narrow, but a journey to destinations only you can chart.

Take some time in the coming month to review where you've traveled and determine if or how it differs from where you want to be. Remember it all starts with you. What are your dreams and goals? Explore them, learn them, list them, and make them real too. You can achieve reality, but only if you're real and honest enough with yourself to determine what it is you really feel passionate about. Just have fun with it and remember to keep it purposeful.

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