Enter for Monthly Drawing of Free Distant Energy Healing by Linda Foltyn

Once a month I will be selecting an email entry for one person to receive a distant energy healing. To sign up go here Free Distant Energy Healing Sign-up. Your email address will be strictly confidential, it will not be used or sold to third parties.

What is a Distant Energy Healing?

To me in my own words, it means being able to send healing energy that I have learned to channel, see Hands-On-Healing, but instead of the person physically being with me, I can send them healing energy no matter where they are, just as if there were right in front of me. For a more in-depth understanding go to Bio-Energy Systems, Inc.

How My Distant Energy Healing Sessions Are Done

Once my random selection has been made from all the email entries, I will contact the winner via email to set up a date and time where they can be quite and undisturbed. I will begin as I would for my Crystal Healing Session except without the use of crystals. All I need is the name of the individual, and then I can begin to proceed with an energy healing as if the person were right in front of me. Before the session I will ask permission if it is okay to relay any pictures or messages that I might receive which will be sent in an email after I am done. I will also post, with permission, any feedback that I receive on my Distant Energy Healing sign-up page.

What You May Experience From My Distant Energy Healing Session

These sessions last approximately 15-45 minutes. After I perform a Distant Energy Healing Session, you may feel peaceful, calm, and energizingly refreshed. This may last throughout the day, over the next few days or weeks ahead. You may experience a positive shift of spiritual, emotional, mental or physical healing for the following days and weeks ahead.
These Distant Energy Healing Sessions are physically non-invasive and are intended to get the flow of energy cleared, balanced or moving within the chakra centers. Click here to read more about clearing and balancing chakra's.

If You Would Like to Schedule a Distant Energy Healing Session

You may also schedule a Distant Energy Healing Session, please go to Schedule Distant Energy Healing Session to find out what I charge for the sessions and to find a schedule of times.

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Energy worker, Linda Foltyn, is the owner of www.whitebuffalobeadsandstones.com, a Web market offering beautiful crystals, tumbled stones, healing gemstone bead bracelets, gemstone necklaces and many more healing articles.