Dog agility can be a fun sport at home or in competition. It is a great way to train your dog in obedience. It also provides a wonderful and fun exercise opportunity for both you and your dog. The sport requires speed, quickness, and training. For this reason, some breeds are better at competition agility than others; although, all breeds can benefit from the sport.

To understand which breeds are best suited for agility, you must first understand the sport. Dog agility basically consists of the dog, the handler, and an obstacle course. The dog requires the guidance of the handler to complete the course, but the handler cannot touch the dog or the equipment. The course can involve a variety of equipment. The dog will maneuver through weave poles, crawl through tunnels, jump over barriers, jump through tires, make his way over see-saws and A-frames, and hesitate in a pause box. The dog must complete each obstacle in a specified order. At an agility competition, the dog will be placed in a category with dogs of similar breed and size. The order of the course will be unknown to the owners prior to competition. It is the owner’s responsibility to determine how the course will be completed, while sticking to performing the obstacles in the specified order. The object of an agility course is for your dog to get through it faster, and with less faults, than the other dogs.

Any dog can learn the sport of agility. Some competitions, however, only allow purebreds. If this is the case and you have a mixed breed dog, then check with local agility associations. Smaller competitions normally allow mixed-breed dogs. Even if your dog is a mixed breed that is unable to compete in large competitions, then you should still consider agility training. Your dog will enjoy the attention and the workout, while the two of you will create a stronger bond. If you have agility equipment, then invite some friends and their dogs over to complete the course. Your pet will love the friendly competition and the chance to show off!

There are many breeds that are well-suited for the sport. Border Collies make great agility dogs. The dogs are bred as herding dogs, so they are able to change direction and speed quickly to roundup the other animals. Border Collies are very intelligent and easy to train. The Brittany is a strong, very agile breed. They can cover a large area of ground quickly. They are happy dogs that respond well to training. The Boxer is a dog that is unusually fast. Many perceive Boxers to be large and stout. The ideal Boxer is medium in size with strong, lean muscle. He is very intelligent and responds well to discipline, making him a great sporting dog. Australian Shepherds also perform well on agility courses. Bred to herd, the Australian Shepherd is an extremely fast dog that thrives on human attention and companionship. Their willingness to please makes them easily trainable. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small dog with a body that is moderately low to the ground. The Pembrokes were also originally bred for herding. Like almost all herding dogs, they are fast, intelligent, and obedient. Chinooks are a breed that is not yet registered by the American Kennel Club. They are, however, recognized by the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service. The dogs are sled dogs, demonstrating speed and power. Like most agility breeds, they are intelligent and obedient.

Dog agility is a great way to bond and exercise with your pooch. Some breeds are cut out to be naturals on obstacle courses, while others just like to run and jump. Because of their speed, intelligence, and obedience, many successful agility breeds are herding dogs. If your dog loves the sport, then considering signing him up for an agility competition. Many large competitions only allow purebreds; however, there are some competitions that allow all dogs. Once in the competition, your dog will be placed in a category with breeds of similar size and weight. The object of the competition is for your dog to complete the course faster and better than the other dogs. If competitions aren’t your style, then invite some friends and their dogs over to show off some tricks. More important than any other aspect, your dog will love the attention from you!

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