Spirituality means that we know we are more than just the physical self. We have an energy or spirit attached to us. In some religious circles our spirit is referred to as the soul and is immortal and that the spirit was created by some divine maker or creator.

On the other hand, spirituality to some is a sense of
connectiveness to the spiritual nature of the universe, the
collective universe that is a part of us all. What the psychologist Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is the reservoir of the experiences of all humans.

Some believe that spirituality is simply getting in touch with your higher consciousness because we all have the divine spirit within us and it can be accessible. Regardless of your definition, when you begin a spiritual journey, you will begin to change your perception, learn to wean yourself from societal morals, traditional thinking and the conditioning of childhood.

Spirituality is not a fad or a brief moment but a way of looking at your overall environment or world view and is a lifelong pursuit. Regardless how one person defines spirituality, there are common characteristics. There is the development of love toward others, which is not defined as a true love or romantic love but a positive feeling of concern for other peoples’ welfare.

Getting in touch with one’s own Deity is important for those who
have a Deity. It is not necessary to believe in divine being or God to be spiritual. Many people see our spirit as divine in its own right. Therefore, communicating with your inner self will be the order of the day.

Although you may not hear a clear voice, you may suddenly have a thought come to mind and as you become adept at contacting your spirit, the more answers or outcomes will take place. It’s at this time that many people contact their spirit guide, a thought or vivid dream/visualization of a person or sometimes an animal that is helpful in answering questions or steering you in the right directions.

Not everyone believes in organized religion due to the fact many
types of religions tend to be more dogmatic with church beliefs
rather than that of studying or worshipping a creator or son of a creator. Not everyone is happy with an idea of a supreme being, but everyone can relate to the spiritual. This is the reason why many people see a distinct difference between religions and spirituality. But when we start to communicate with ourselves---our higher selves, we actually begin to understand ourselves and the world around us much better and it gives us a sense of the divine without having to describe it of define it.

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