Is the flow of energy in your body’s ‘Living Matrix’ the key to you experiencing the interconnectedness that can enable you to move beyond illness, disease, past limitations and performance restrictions? Michael Cohen, Bioenergy Healer and Teacher explores how you, by virtue of your birthright have the natural ability to perform and heal on levels never perceived before.

Very simply, I use my healing hands to work with your body's energy circuitry... your 'Living Matrix'. I work with the dynamic technique ‘Bio Plasmic Manipulation’ (BPM) to release blockages and the memory patterns in your Living Matrix so as to increase/regularise energy flow.

Dynamic yet subtle

Bioenergy Healing works dynamically yet subtly. Enabling emotional and physical traumas which you may experience as a: physiological ailment; ache or pain; illness or dis-ease; psychological or emotional issue, to be released. Without you having to analyse the Why's, When's and How's.

BPM techniques can work on 5 different levels simultaneously: - instinctual, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Releasing blockages

Throughout your lifetime you and everyone else accumulates physical and/or emotional trauma that impair the connections creating blockages. When this happens, your body's defence and repair systems become impaired, and disease has a chance to take hold.

As you will discover, it is the blockages in your Living Matrix that need to be released in order for your body to go in to the healing phase leading to an increased flow.

When you have flow your body can perform and heal on an enhanced level preventively, effectively and efficiently.

Enhanced energy flow

Bioenergy Healing restores and balances the vibratory circuitry, with obvious and profound benefits. The body's defence and repair systems are able to repair themselves.

Total interconnectedness

Your enhanced energy flow can enable you to work towards total interconnectedness, which corresponds to complete health and enhanced performance. Moving beyond past limitations, illness, disease & performance restrictions.

Please do visit my website, which will take you through the different applications and techniques that i am able to share with you to enable your to work towards total interconnectedness.

1-2-1 Sessions

I hold daily 1-2-1 sessions at my practices in and around London for children and adults. For full details visit

Teaching Workshops

This comprehensive 2-day Foundation Workshop will teach you how you can tune into your own and other peoples energy circuitry...the ‘Living Matrix’.

Learn the dynamic Bio Plasmic Manipulation (BPM) techniques to use your hands as an effective and efficient tool to scan, diagnose and treat.

Certified & Accredited for CPD points with the CMA

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To book your 1-2-1 session or teaching workshop please contact Bioenergy School of Healing

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Author's Bio: 

Michael Cohen founded the Bioenergy School of Healing to teach clients and students how each and everyone has the ability to tap into the body's energy circuitry...the 'Living Matrix'. He teaches the dynamic Bio Plasmic Manipulation techniques to enhance clients and students perception and sensitivity to energy enabling them to work towards total interconnectedness which corresponds to complete health and enhanced performance on all levels. Michael has practices in and around London where he holds 1-2-1 sessions and teaching workshops.

Bioenergy School of Healing
tel: 0845 456 1336

Memberships - Moxi Foundation, Association of Energy Therapists, CMA (Complementary Medical Association), BCMA ( British Complementary Medical Association)