Over the years I have worked with many coaches who need to find more clients for their coaching businesses. In this article I would like to share with you my 3-step plan for getting more coaching clients for your coaching business.

Step 1: Change Your Mindset

I have taught hundreds of coaches how to market themselves online and get clients. What I find interesting is that many coaches who have hired me to work with them didn't need to be taught about marketing. They knew a lot about marketing, what kind of marketing techniques were available and how to apply them.

What they needed help with was changing what they thought about marketing. Many coaches feel that marketing has an aura of sleaziness around it.

The good news is that marketing done right is not at all unsavory or disreputable. Marketing done right is not about high-pressure sales tactics or uncomfortable situations. Rather, it is about introducing you to your target market and sharing information that your target market needs. Once your target market sees that you are a coach and an expert at what you do, you will not need to do much selling. Your coaching clients will be contacting you, asking you to work with them.

Step 2: Define Your Target Market

When it is hard to get clients, many coaches think about expanding their target markets. They start marketing not just to their target market, but to everyone. "If I can't get enough people from my target market to buy, I need to make my target market bigger!" sounds like a reasonable conclusion.

The truth is, though, that this is the wrong way to approach the issue. Few people want to work with generalists, people who work with everyone. Discerning consumers (the type of people you desire as coaching clients) want to buy from those who have worked with people just like them and know what kind of issues they experience.

For example, when a business coach looks for a virtual assistant, the coach wants a VA who works with other coaches, not a VA who works with practically anyone. When an accountant looks for a business coach, the accountant wants a business coach who works with other accountants and is familiar with the industry. Your customers want a tightly niched service provider because they want someone who is familiar with their industry and what they do. And they are willing to pay for this niched knowledge.

Step 3: Build Your List

The most important ability that a coaching business can have is the ability to contact many potential coaching clients at once. You want to be able to share your expertise and information about your new offerings many potential clients at once. Doing this is the best way to get coaching clients.

Let's talk about goals for your coaching business and why you need to have a list to reach them. I am sure that your goals for your coaching business are to get more coaching clients, sell more of your products, get more clients for your one-on-one services and get more people to come to your teleseminars and workshops. The best way to accomplish these goals is to have a large newsletter list of your potential clients who want to hear from you and who need your coaching products and services. When you have a large list of people who are interested in what you have to offer, great things happen. You get lots of product sales, you are able to get participants for your teleseminars and other events, and you are able to sell your services as well. And the larger your list, the easier it is for you to get coaching clients.

Follow the 3-Step Plan above to promote your coaching business and get more coaching clients.

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