As I’m typing my thoughts, I am watching my daughter play outside games with her neighborhood friends. First, they played a made-up game of throwing a ball though hula hoops. Next, it was bouncing a ball in the middle of the hula hoop, which had a number point value scribbled with pink sidewalk chalk in the center. How fun it is to watch the girls, aged five to eleven, improvise with the items they have, which were six hula hoops and five balls of various sizes. I’m amazed at how quickly the girls can switch from game to game, making new rules, and having fun. Watching their excitement, giggles, and negotiation skills reminds me of some of the aspects of life that we sometimes don’t. We don’t celebrate life.
Each day, we should celebrate life. No, I’m not talking about living irresponsibly, but enjoy every day given to us. For the past week, my daughter asks me what special thing we are going to do that day. Sometimes, she just wants to go outside and play catch or take a family bike ride to the park. Other times, it’s just sitting down to watch a movie with hot, buttered popcorn and a glass of soda. My husband and I try our best to enjoy every day with her by celebrating life and the time we have together.
I remember when our daughter was born. Family and friends visited us to celebrate her birth and see our new family addition. Because in the first year of life she changed physically so much, we celebrated each stage by having her picture taken every month. Videos and pictures were taken at holidays, special events, family gatherings, and times to capture her innocent, curious, happy personality.
I must admit, however, that sometimes I wish life away. One of the bedtime rituals that I do every night when I put my daughter to bed is that we pray together, I sing a bedtime lullaby that I have sung every day since she was born, we tell each other “I love you”, and I start playing her favorite CD as she drifts off to sleep. There are several times that I would have liked to just kiss her goodnight after we prayed and go back to whatever I was doing. But when I hesitate, I remind myself of the joy I get from celebrating her life and how, when she gets older, I won’t be needed as much to tuck her in. I celebrate the moment, right here and now.
Though there are things in our life to make it easier, how it is that we are busier than ever? Why do we jam-pack our lives with more activities? What are you doing in your life that will cause you to stop and celebrate it? Is it reading that book for the tenth time to your child so that they can enjoy the story? Is it taking time to read a book that you’ve put off and say that you’ll get to it later? What about that diet that you promised yourself that you would start today?

Here are five thoughts to help you celebrate life now:
1. Start everyday with a positive attitude.
2. Take a moment to notice the vibrant color of flowers, the colorful fall leaves, the glistening white snow, or enjoy the sound of the rain while you doze off to sleep in your warm bed.
3. Reflect on the positive things in your life.
4. Tell that special person you love them.
5. Find joy in the everyday things that we take for granted.

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