I listen to so many people when I ask them about there dreams make excuses
for why they can't, or why they would, or what needs to happen in order for
them to be able to. People need to realize that their life can be anything they want
it to be, and choose for it to be. It is everything we choose for it to be, or better yet,
don't choose it to be because no decision is a decision. Excuses only get in the way.

Remember that can't usually means won't. I can't because blah blah blah. It would be
better for people if they were at least honest with themselves and simply said I won't
because it makes me uncomfortable. Or even better, I won't because I don't want to
do what it takes to get there. It's much easier to simply settle for a much simplier life
that I don't have to look at myself. History is littered with stories of people who had
every excuse in the book not to accomplish things. They had every possible reason why
they shouldn't be more, do more, have more, and they refused to settle for anything less
than their best and highest potential.

For some reason, our society has taught us that as adults that failure is not acceptable.
This causes us to make excuses. Yet if you were to think about it, there were thousands
of times in your life that you failed and it was absolutely no big deal. All of us fell over and
over again trying to learn to walk. Watch a baby as it learns to eat. It doesn't put the food in
it's mouth the very first time, and it takes just as long to learn to use silverware. We didn't speak
our first word the very first time we tried. We weren't able to swim the very first time we were
put into the swimming pool. All of it took time and trying again and again and again.

The key to success at anything is to keep going. To get back up every time we fall down. To
never make excuses for why we fail, but make excuses for why we succeeded. Excuse yourself
after you are where you want to go. Appologize for accomplishing everything you wanted, then
enjoy having done so. Success knows no alibies. So put all the reasons and the excuses behind
you and move forward toward your goals and your dreams. Go after what it is you want with a
relentless chase. Anyone can make excuses for why they can't, or won't do something. Successful
people don't have time for such nonesense. Be part of the population that says can and will instead
of can't because.

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Dwayne Gilbert is the founder of www.wealthylifesecrets.com and has been helping people in the area of self-protection
and personal development for 10 years. He has authored some of his own books and currently teaches people self-defense and
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