Would you like to increase your energy level and dissolve stress more easily? Here is a simple yet powerful formula to remember: Goals + Action = Energy

Choose a Compelling Goal

Begin by choosing a goal you would like to accomplish. Write it down in detail, describing exactly how you will know when you have met your goal. Passion behind a clearly stated goal is a powerful force. You can gain enormous control over that force by focusing on one small step that you need to take.

For example, your goal might be to create a healthy balance between your career and personal life. Answer this question: What is one small action I could take that would create more balance and help to dissolve stressful feelings? The answer might be as simple as adding a ten-minute walk each morning or joining a special interest group. The important thing is that you ask your question and put your answer into action.

Smaller goal-actions are even more important than larger goal-actions for a quick energy renewal. Break larger objectives down into small actions. Then choose one and start on it. You will know that you are moving toward your goal, and you might feel an immediate surge in your level of energy.

Choose an Enjoyable Action

Think of the primary areas of your life, and ask yourself this question: What would renew my energy today where I need it most? Simply doing something for you—something fun—can provide a welcome breath of fresh air for the mind and spirit.

Does today call for...
Spiritual renewal,
Time with family,
Listening to music,
Planning a project,
Finishing a project,
Making a call,
Going for a drive,
Walking in nature,
Watching a movie,
Journaling about the week,
Going on a shopping marathon?

Write down twelve of your most enjoyable actions. Then make it a small goal to enjoy one of them today. The important point is this: Action will help to decrease stress and build energy—especially if the action is something pleasant.

Recall Previous Achievements

We also create mental energy with thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. Think about a success you have achieved or something great you have created. How has this past success contributed to your present level of achievement?

Notice how one action led to the next. Make a list of your achievements, and focus your mind on them. Recall the way you felt after achieving success. Recalling and thinking about successes achieved in the past will help to focus the mind on success for the future.

Give Energy to Get Energy

Giving part of our time and energy to helping others through worthwhile causes will also return time and energy to us. Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) wrote, "Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich."

If you want to attract more energy into your life, you need to begin by giving energy to someone who can benefit from what you can offer. Compassionate acts of kindness spread in ever widening circles. They return in multiples to individuals who give without expecting anything in return.

Visualize with Gratitude

Gratitude for what you have already achieved will also create more of the great things you visualize for the future. What you think about consistently with emotion, whether you want it or not, you will attract into your reality. That is why things that we resist continue to persist. Visualize and think about what you do want, and offer gratitude as if you have already received it.

In Summary

Remember the simple but powerful formula, goals + action = energy. Think of something you want and write it down in detail. Recall times when you were successful. Then, set a small goal and begin taking action. Thoughts affect everything, and everything affects everything else. Action creates energy, and enthusiastically reaching small goals will create mental energy and feelings of more success.

Remember to reward yourself by including time for something enjoyable each day. You will reduce stressful feelings and create additional reserve energy for daily living. Most importantly, share your time and energy with others, and give daily thanks for everything you achieve. You will soon feel an abundant increase in your focus and energy, allowing you to accomplish more each day.

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