Here is a simple formula used by successful speakers and self-help writers. Parents can also employ this innovative approach.

1. Make a Point

Successful parents, teachers, and mentors are great at being clear about what they want to teach, and why it's important to the learner.

2. Tell a Story

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I know that the secret to telling an effective tale is to never reveal the moral of the story. That also means to not link it to the point you're making. Why? Stay with me here, because Aesop got it all wrong. You want their subconscious minds to process the story to reflect their own core beliefs, and their view or model of the world. Because it becomes personalized, the lesson will be more valuable and effective. If you furnish the lesson of the story, the subconscious mind, which is lazy by nature, will not bother processing the information. The conscious mind will treat the story and its lesson as just another imposed principle, possibly spawning some resistance. That would be a wasted opportunity.

3. Do an Exercise

Now for the most powerful part of the three step process: engage them in a game or exercise that really drives home the lesson to be learned. Allow a full day for the story to be processed by their subconscious mind before you suggest a game or exercise.

Here are some effective exercises: Ask them to create a play, TV or radio show based on the story, have them interview an expert on the topic, have them experiment with a variety of behaviors associated with the story. Encourage your child to bring friends in on the game. Be creative, and have fun with this. The more vivid the experience, the higher impact the lesson will have.

As a parent, you hold the most important job on the planet. One of your primary duties is to provide an environment that allows your child to develop a strong self-esteem. The fact that you've completed this article shows that you are taking your responsibility seriously. Congratulations.

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Dr. Brian Walsh is a clinical hypnotherapist and a specialist in accelerated learning. He helps people in their quest for personal empowerment by promoting brain-friendly strategies using his workshops, videos, teleclasses, books, and his self-hypnosis audio CDs.

He is the author of the bestseller Unleashing Your Brilliance and a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. His website is