Sometimes dreams come true that you haven’t even dared to dream. That happened to me last week. I attended a leadership workshop with 60 other coaches. We were describing a quest—not THE quest, but some quest that was worthy of our attention and aligned with our life missions. I chose to explore informing women about how PMS symptoms and peri-menopausal difficulties can be a wakeup call to look more deeply at how they are living their lives. Since I’m really interested in that topic and get enthusiastic responses from women who want more information or just nod knowingly, I started developing a plan on how to deliver that information. During the last interaction on the last day, I partnered with a woman I knew well by reputation and slightly in reality.

Actually, I was surprised Linda was in this seminar because I hadn’t known she was a coach; only coaches were invited. I love the work she has done. She has raised the money to start two schools for girls in Tanzania and Kenya. I’ve supported her projects and others funded by Global Partners for Development (, and I was delighted to get the opportunity to know her better in this seminar. Suddenly, in the last minutes of the three day event, she asked me if I’d want to collaborate with her on a leadership program for the African girls and if I’d like to travel to Africa with her in January, 2008 to co-lead the program there.

This is bigger than a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa! Always. I’ve loved the idea of sending these girls to school and I’ve even enlisted my friends to do little fund raisers to contribute to the very cause I was invited to facilitate. But in my wildest dreams, I never aspired to facilitate anything in that venue. I’ve taken a few days just to calm my breathing enough to think clearly about what I’ll have to do to accommodate this new project. I still don’t know, but I am certain to do what it takes to make it happen. Facilitating change in Africa and going on a safari! Could I ask for more?
I guess I could. I am asking myself how to make the money I’ll need for this trip. My travel expenses won’t be paid because the funds go to the programs. I’ve been giving some thought to that task, and right on cue, the Universe delivered a boost. I got two new clients on Friday which reassures me that more clients and book sales and ecoaching programs will bring in more income. Of course, I’ll borrow the money if that’s what it takes. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa, and having a purpose for going makes it all the more delicious!

I’d like to make some sort of coaching exercise out of this experience, but the only thing I can think of is to encourage you to keep developing your gifts and skills because you never know when your dream project will show up. Several of my friends have said, “You’ve been getting ready for this for a very long time!” I am grateful for my own perseverance!

©2007, Jacqueline Hale

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Jacquie Hale is a Life Planning Coach who helps people discover their natural genius – their inner wisdom and talents – so they can create the life they love and can feel excited to be living every day with passion and joy. Jacquie shares her own natural genius in books, seminars, email coaching and through one-on-one coaching (by phone). She offers several free self-improvement tools at her website,