Although I change routines often, this is the routine I use most often. I perform one or two warmup sets, increasing the weight each time. My heavy set is taken to failure, where I then perform partial movements, or a static hold for several seconds.

Tuesday: Chest, shoulders and triceps
Benchpress 1x4-8
Close-grip bench 1x6-10
Triceps dip or kick-backs 1x8-12
Barbell press 1x6-10
Dumbell side-lateral 1x6-10
Thursday: Back, biceps and forearms
Dealift or back extensions 1x10-15
Shrugs 1x10-20
Bent rowing 1x6-10
Chins 1x6-12
Barbell curl 1x6-10
Hammer curl 1x8-12
Saturday: Legs
Squats 1x10-20

I do a set of crunches every other workout and stretch at the end of each session.

I train each muscle one time per week. I prefer the split routine over the full-body because I believe you promote growth hormone release each time you train. Doing the three day split promote's more of an anabolic state for your whole body, than doing one full-body workout per week. Performing the split routine also allow's me to put much more into each set than if I were to do sets for the entire body in one workout. It is much easier to focus on giving your all when you are only doing a few quick, hard sets. This way, you get maximum stimulation and anabolic response, with little risk of over-training.

Author's Bio: 

I am a fitness consultant in St. Louis, Mo.