I did not write this news release, but I submit it here and urge you to read it with all my heart:

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Despite the old saying about sticks and stones, evidence is mounting that words said in anger can hurt not just feelings but arteries as well. University of Utah researchers who videotaped 150 married couples as they discussed sensitive subjects have documented the adverse effects arguments can have on heart health.

But avoiding arguments can be difficult or impossible and thus it becomes doubly important to quickly neutralize any anger involved. Conventional anger management techniques can be effective in this regard but require a lot of time and diligence.

To fill this time gap a new anger management technique has been developed. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) quickly reduces stress, anxiety, and anger by combining fingertip tapping on key acupuncture points with focused thought.

The heart-argument research, presented in March 2006 at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Denver, builds on an Ohio State University study in which arguments between spouses lowered immunity and slowed wound healing. In the Utah study, six-minute conversations about money, in-laws, and other stressful topics were followed by CT scans that checked arteries for heart attack risk factors.

Women who heard or made hostile comments were 30 percent more likely than other women to have hardened arteries, while men experienced the same risk if they heard or said controlling comments.

“No matter how you look at it,” says Los Angeles physician Eric Robins, MD, “negative emotions and arguments are bad for your health. Fortunately, EFT is easy to learn, easy to do, and dramatically effective in most cases. You can literally go from being angry and upset to feeling relaxed and comfortable in just a few minutes.”

Dr. Robins is used to teaching EFT to patients in 10 minutes or less. “Most patients find it easy to understand that the body stores past traumas and stress in different organs or parts of the body,” he says. “They’re happy to learn a technique that releases stress and improves their health. In the same way, letting go of past anger or habitual arguments can reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Timothy Smith, PhD, the University of Utah psychology professor who presented the study’s findings, suggests that arguing spouses learn to listen with empathy, avoid placing blame, and work together as a team to find solutions to marital problems.

“All of those worthwhile goals are easier to achieve with the help of EFT,” says Dr. Robins. “Positive thinking is nice, but the best mind/body therapies actually create shifts in how you feel in your body. The Utah study evidenced how physical changes occur in the heart after arguments. With EFT, you can create physical shifts toward health by clearing the emotions out at a body level, which is called a physiologic shift. The result can mean not only saving your marriage but saving your life.”

In addition to improving hearts and relationships, EFT has been a consistently effective healing tool for hundreds of physical, mental and emotional ailments. To learn more, explore the EFT website at http://tinyurl.com/fygrg. It contains numerous success stories regarding fears, phobias, emotional traumas, physical ailments, sports performance, and family relationships.


I picked up this news release after I made significant change in my ability and willingness to make phone calls to strangers and speak publicly on stage using EFT. I am so impressed with the
technique I want to shout it from cyberspace rooftops. I have several articles about EFT at
http://write-for-wealth.com and an ebook for use with any kind of social anxiety.

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