I came to North Carolina on a quest for beauty. My vision was of beautifully cared for communities with green trees, sunshine, clean streets and warmth. Beauty, to me, meant vibrancy, new, colorful, pretty exteriors, and manicured lawns. It also meant natural surroundings like trees, parks, greenways and sparkling lakes. Things you could see, smell and touch.

What is your current vision of beauty?

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I would also be on a quest for inner beauty. The inner beauty I discovered was my authenticity as a business owner in how I created and am now evolving my coaching business; beautiful friendships that emerged which continue to bring me great joy in the form of kind words, support and fun; and most importantly the strength within to try new experiences.

What ignites your inner beauty?

Though I discovered inner beauty, external beauty still does play a big role in my daily life. My mood is elevated when surrounded by beauty, enhancing my passion, energy and creativity. So my home (and home office) is filled with colors that both energize and soothe me, furniture that fits me, paintings of scenery that move me, and windows overlooking my neighbor’s lovely gardens.

How does external beauty move you?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – if we look for beauty in ourselves, in others and in our lives, we will find it. Try it for today, for a week, a month. Seek out beauty in everyone you meet, in everything you see and experience, every time you look in the mirror at your body and within your soul. The way the sun streaks in the window, the smell of the air after a rain shower, a budding tree, a delicious meal placed before you, the colors and composition in a piece of art, the chair you love, a kind word or gesture….

The possibilities to see and feel beauty are endless

One such possibility came up for me when Lisa Rivoli of Joule Salon and Makeover Center reached out to me to become one of their Partners in Beauty. Their team of women professionals from their Partner In Beauty Network is committed to helping women transform their lives, to take the first steps to look and feel positively beautiful. I am honored to be a part of this new venture. If you live in the Triangle Area of NC, learn more by going to http://joulesalon.com/partners.htm.

Author's Bio: 

Stefanie is a career/life coach and speaker with more than 14 years experience working with individuals and groups, from all over the country, in career/life transition. Her passion is working with people who are ready to stretch beyond their comfort zone and experience unlimited possibilities. She is the author of The Journey From Comfort to Possibility: A Workbook of Self Discovery and Personal Transformation, which includes exercises that take readers through an action oriented process of self discovery, creating a vision for their career and life, uncovering what keeps them stuck in their comfort zone and designing a plan to achieve a career and life that "fits". Stefanie is certified as a life coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training and the International Coach Federation and holds a Masters degree in Counseling and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Learn more at www.stefaniezizzo.com