ADD/ADHD symptoms can make our life miserable, sabotaging our every effort of success. Even though we are admonished to not be so hard on ourselves, to cut ourselves some slack, and stop beating ourselves up for mistakes . . . Sometimes it's the thing to do.

For example, when the inside negative voice of criticism will not let up. The non-stop nagging voice or feeling that kicks us in the rear.

On a conscious level, we forgive ourselves, excuse ourselves, and assure ourselves that it is alright, that we are okay, and that we will avoid repeating the mistake. However, the voice of criticism buys not one word.

There is no point skirting around the voice. Leaving it alone, or attempting to ignore the damaging criticism, places it back in the unconscious where it hangs out ready to sabotage our next effort of success.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is effective for removing negative feelings. Tapping on the body's energy meridian points balances out energy disruptions that cause the emotional intensity. Language used during the tapping keeps the problem in focus.

Although the second part of the EFT set up is positive, some people are uncomfortable using negative statements in the first part. However, this is necessary to truly address the problem. We must look it directly in the eye and state it as it is.

Personalize the set up using feeling and language that express it best. Separate yourself from the problem during the second part of the set up statement.

EFT set up example:

(Part 1-Address the negative problem)"Even though I feel so stupid, so worthless for totally spacing out that appointment . . . I feel like such a loser, losing the sale, losing my commission, losing the client and probably losing my job;" (Part 2-Positive) "even so,I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I forgive myself knowing that I am not the problem . . . whether I actually believe this right now, I accept it as being true."

This is an effective way to beat yourself up. It allows recognizing mistakes as learning mis-takes. It frees the flow of energy, and opens up feeling good about yourself.

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Paul Keene (MA SH EFT-Adv), Author and speaker is recognized for his work with ADHD. He is a natural health consultant specializing in personal performance issues. Websites include: and