What is keeping you stuck? What are the barriers to your success in your business, your life, or your personal relationships? Most likely, if you are struggling in one area, all areas are suffering. Why is that? Well, we each come to the table with a certain amount of available energy each and every day. That energy is called: ARL, or Average Resonating Level of Energy. It can be measured quite accurately with a new Energy Leadership Assessment, which measures two types of energy. The first type of Energy is: Catabolic. This is negative energy, which keeps us stuck in a “Victim Mentality.” The second type of Energy is: Anabolic. This is positive energy. This type of energy is the level where we seek to improve ourselves, become non-judgmental, our outlook is upbeat, and we see things through the eyes of “What’s Right with the world” as opposed to “What’s Wrong with the world”. Make Sense?

What would changing your entire perceptive be worth to you in terms of job satisfaction? What would changing to a positive mindset do for your relationships with your family, extended family, neighbors or your spouse? My guess is it would be invaluable. Now, you may be wondering, “How do I do that?” Read on, I am going to tell you exactly how you can have the happiness you dream of.

There is a new program in the world of coaching. This program is called the Energy Leadership Development System. This is how it works. First, you will need to find a “Certified Energy Leadership Coach” who has been trained in this program. Then, you will take an Energy Leadership Assessment online and you will have a one hour debrief about what your Average Resonating level of energy actually is. You will then be able to purchase a 360 Assessment of up to 25 people to assess you and the 12-month program, which will be your steps to raising your Anabolic Energy, and remove those Catabolic blocks.

This new program is your key to success. It will allow you to communicate with optimum Anabolic energy resonating from you. The field of positive energy that you send out will help lift others to a state of positivity, allowing you to think clearly and attract more positive things in all areas of your life. The Energy Leadership Development System is your secret tool to effective leadership. People will be more willing to listen to you, follow you and connect with you on more intimate, authentic levels.

Take a moment and imagine what the universe holds for you when everything you do, say and attract is positive…
Now, make it come true!

Author's Bio: 

Janice Bastani is a Professional, Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation. She holds credentials in Energy Leadership Coaching and in Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Learn more about Janice and the Energy Leadership Program Assessment by visiting http://www.focusonenergyleadership.com or emailing her at focuscoaching@gmail.com.