Most Agents hold top-producing Agents in the highest regard. A top-producing Agent is given a status that is almost God-like. Since I was put on a pedestal for many years during my sales career, let me give you an undeniable truth. Each and every one of us has a top-producing Agent inside of us trying to get out. Each person has the God-given ability to produce at a stratospheric level. Top-producers are ordinary people who happen to be doing extraordinary things. There are three components that enable top-producing Agents to excel in their business.

1. They are highly organized in certain facets of their business. Organization is derived from solid systems and procedures. McDonalds’ success is not built by having the best food in town. It is built on two fundamental principles: consistency and systems. You can get a Big Mac in Los Angeles, California; Portland, Oregon; or Paris, France, and they will all be the same. The cost will be different, but the taste and quality will be the same. Why? Because the systems and procedures they use in preparation and cooking are consistent. They do the same thing over and over to prepare a Big Mac.

What if your business were able to run like that? What if, when a lead came in, the steps to process and follow-up were exactly the same each time? Could you eventually develop a business that repeated itself with the same results each time? I know you could.

In order to create a solid, repeatable business, organization is a must. Organization is derived from creating systems for every aspect of one’s business. Creating systems for leads, past clients, offers, listings, listing presentations, prospecting, escrows, and anything else that you do regularly in your business will provide true organization.

2. Managing your staff. Top-producers create solid teams. They create a team of specialists at every position. The world has gone the way of specialization. Successful teams have specialists for specific functions. Look at the NFL. Forty years ago players played both offense and defense. Today we have nickel backs, designated pass rushing linemen, run stopping linemen, third down running backs, etc. Most successful teams have specialized players. Creating and managing this menagerie is the key.

The most important key to management is to hire the right people. Make sure your staff has the characteristics and qualities you desire before hiring them. If you expect a strong work ethic from your staff, then you’d better hire someone who has one. You can’t teach, train, or coach your staff into having a strong work ethic.

3. Strong prioritizing skills. Most of us don’t get everything accomplished we want to everyday. We only make a dent in our task lists. Prioritizing is critical for us to move forward daily towards success. Prioritize and organize tomorrow before leaving the office today. Make sure you work to complete the high pay-off activities daily. Don’t neglect to do the things that drive your business. Skip making the flyer, and make sure you work to generate new business daily. My highest priority was generating new business daily. If I accomplished nothing else, but I did the daily requirements of generating new business, it was a great day.

To get the priorities of your staff in line with yours, have them make a task list before they leave for the day. Have them put it on your desk, so that you can reprioritize the activities. Often staff members will do priorities five, ten, and eleven before they do one, two, and three. Ensure their production by helping them prioritize. Reduce your frustration of thinking they are not getting anything accomplished by helping them do the high priorities daily.

There is no magic answer to success. There is no magic pill or marketing plan to becoming a top-producer. I realize that there will always be someone trying to sell you the magic answer. It lies in the daily disciplines of a Champion. Success lies in your organization, management, and priorities. That may not be as exciting as looking for the magic answer, but it happens to be the truth. Remember the truth will always set you free.

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