There is a National Park in San Francisco that is so much more than a national park; it merits your looking into all of the amenities it has to offer. Cavallo Point-The Lodge at the Golden Gate, this is historic lodging in Fort Baker California near the Golden Gate Bridge in the heart of the Bay Area. When you stay at Cavallo Point you can hike, bike, fish, take creative artistic programs, spa treatments, yoga, walking tours and much, much more.

Cavallo Point has 13 bayside buildings; which were originally the Fort Baker Officers Residences. They are now totally restored in turn-of-the-century Colonial Revival buildings, preserving the history and keeping with the history of this gorgeous property. The guest rooms and suites offer stunning views of San Francisco, the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Marin Headlands all of which are environment friendly and keep with the mission of the national park site.

Healing Arts Center, to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul has complimentary activities that vary from day to day, along with specifically designed programs in the Creative Arts Program; which you can reserve with renowned artists for a weeks stay. Examples of the programs are; the Radical Knitting Retreat, the Artist's Retreat, Awakening the Creative and others. They are all designed for a week of total awakening, tapping into your creative side, and leaving your critical self out side the door and finding your true creative self with love and fun.

Adventure & Well-Being program includes all the physical activities you could possibly be interested in, from the most strenuous to the slow paced. These are all custom fit to your wants, needs and desires and can vary from day to day. You will find all of this in the Healing Arts Center & Spa, which offers a full spa menu of massage, facials, hot basking pool, eucalyptus steam room, outdoor whirlpools and a completely equipped workout room. You can do triathlon training with a world-renowned trainer, go kayaking, all different levels of hiking and walking tours.

Culinary Arts Programs include all the adventures in the taste buds; cooking classes, tasting extravaganzas, and presentations. This is a cooking school at the best; the kitchen is equipped with the best tools of the trade, comfortable, open and inviting to all that enter it. This is wine, cheese, preserves and fine intimate dining/cooking demonstrations at their best. There are many programs to choose from so you can choose the one and/or ones that appeal most to you.

Come to the new kind of National Park experience, olive oil and tea tastings with Park Service experts, walking tours, hike the highlights of Cavallo Point, learn about the lodges history, the Green Design/Green Living Walk and the Golden Bridge Walk; all of these accommodations and programs can be arranged by your Personal Travel Website Agent along with your flight arrangements and rental car, make your plans now to experience with gorgeous National Park and rejuvenate your well-being.

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Darlene has been an active traveler and most of it was done as a single traveler. She was traveling alone long before it was a popular thing to do for women and to make the story even more interesting she is a Polio survivor and uses a walker and a small scooter to be mobile when she travels. She, needless to say, is a Specialist in Traveling with Disabilities and can personally assist you in all of your mobility traveling needs. She knows the right questions to ask, to get the right answers. Of course she can assist mobile and active customers with the same expertise. as she is a Personal Travel Specialist also.
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