Is happiness important to you?

If you are like the vast majority of parents, you would say "yes".

And even more, it is likely that when asked
"What is most important to you for your children as they grow up?" you would say "Happiness"

Albert Einstein said:
"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Do we focus on that when we raise our kids?
Do you?

We often are running around and are so buzy, that truly focusing on teaching our children and teens to be happy, to do what they love, falls short.
Even when we do, it can be while we urge them to "get ready quickly, we're late" as we drive them to their club or lessons for something they enjoy.

As parents, being tired, running around and feeling like you are being lived, "scheduled to extinction" as an individual isn't rare.

If you recognize that, you are probably not taking enough time to do what YOU love, for your happiness either.

We are our children's primary teacher and role model.
Being happy, taking time for balance, for joy combined with a dedicated effort to excel at what you love.
Do you do that?

There are simple ways to create more time, more joy in your day we often forget as we run around.

1. Stop yourself for a second and take a deep breath.
Whatever you will do next, think about it in this way: "I am going to do this, because it is important to me. I will do it with love for myself and my life."
If you can't say that, you may want to reconsider doing what you thought you were going to do. Or for the next time you are planning to.
Take your life and yourself seriously.
Live with love and a sense of self driven direction.
When breathing that into anything you do, even out of duty, it will give more happiness and joy. For you as well as for others.

2. When you are running around, simply slow down to a step slower, a bit less rushed. It will not take more time and if it would, probably a minute. Feeling more relaxed, you will enjoy it more and it will decrease moments of potential conflicts with your kids.
I often find that when I run to get somewhere, I am the only one who thought "that one minute" was important and my increased stress became a waste of my own energy. And if it involves getting our daughter somewhere, I am nicer to her too, when I relax a little!

3. When you slow down that little bit, you can have more eye for what is around you. For the smile you would miss, for the question your child asks, the frown you would have overlooked.
That little bit of extra space can create moments of great joy, if you let it.
And then that one minute becomes really important.

Think about it! Didn't Albert Einstein create a happy productive life?

Love yourself a little and be a happier role model for your children.

Author's Bio: 

Wouter van der Hall, author of The Parent Program and a Parent and Happiness Coach, has worked in Child Welfare for decades, in Europe and North America.

Wouter uses his extensive experience and diverse education as a parent educator and coach to provide parents with easily accessible tools, skills and knowledge.
To help them to be the great parent they can be.
So their kids can flourish as they want them to.

Wouter combines his traditional social work education (BSW and MSW Management Education and Coaching) with the tools the business world pays big bucks for.
He is a certified The Human Element, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and True Colors trainer.
He had many (leadership) roles in Child Welfare, taught social work both in Amsterdam and in Canada, but it was as a management consultant that he truly saw how all parents want to be their best for their kids. His trainees, from executives to road crew foremen, ran home to use the tools he gave them for more open communication and better conflict resolution with their families.
He refocused on his life long passion for children and families and now dedicates himself full time to making these tools and skills accesible to parents world wide.

He has been fortunate to travel far and wide and has seen parents poor and rich, educated and illiterate, all try to make things better for their children. He dedicates his work to these millions of parents.

He developed The Parent Program, a 15 minute a day parenting program to give parents easy to access attitudes, skills and tools to work with at their home, at their convenience and involving their whole family.

Wouter is an extensively certified coach and educator, he has coached people since 1988.
You can reach wouter at or 1 888 379 4222