We have entered an Age of Enlightenment. Millions of people are becoming more aware: aware of their own true nature, aware of a deeper calling, aware of an awakening of consciousness that is occurring throughout the collective consciousness of humanity. You are at the very front of this global movement. Your volition to learn and grow and evolve, to sign up for this newsletter and read these words is the evidence that something has awakened in you that is still rather dormant in most humans. Kudos to you for having heard that calling, you are in the midst of your own enlightenment, but how enlightened are you?
As your awareness grows your energy shifts. Over 30 years of teaching, it becomes clear what level of consciousness the student is at. Dr. David Hawkins wrote a best-selling book called Power Verses Force which provides us a model to compare our progress: From 0-1000 he has categorized levels of consciousness. Most human beings in western civilization are in the 200's on this scale, they are just doing what most people do. Those who enter the 300's tend to be more proactively looking to improve themselves and look deeper into spirituality. At this level of consciousness people are attracted to metaphysical teachings, being "re-born", or participating in self-improvement seminars. Fewer people still enter the 400's; at this level of consciousness you tend to have satori's, epiphanies and profound revelations and penetrating insights into nature. At this level you still tend to think you know something. This is where a lot of students get bogged down, they are still trying to attain it through the mind.
When your awareness is raised to the level of 500's you just start falling in love with God and want to do all you can to make a difference in the world. Most of the best-selling authors writing on consciousness are communicating at this level. When people enter this state they tend to think that they have enlightened...and they have...to some extent. When you enter the mid-500's you start feeling bliss. You enter into a place of total unconditional love and compassion, and the deeper you go the better it feels. As you transcend your sense of self dissipates like the fog in the midday sun. When you enter the 600's, which Hawkins defines as enlightened, there is no sense of Self identifying with being enlightened.
Having walked with thousands of students on this path, my observation of most advanced students, such as you, is that you don't really realize how blissful you can get. Enlightenment is profound. I routinely meet students who either teach yoga , or meditation, or even have best-selling books about enlightenment, and they think they are enlightened yet they are, in fact, not even close. We can get stuck in what our mind thinks it knows. If you are not in mind boggling bliss you are still a beginner, come let me show you the way. We now have thousands of students entering these higher conscious states, we would love for you to come join us in this Heavenly Kingdom on Earth.
With Love,
Steven S. Sadleir

Author's Bio: 

Steven S. Sadleir is Director and co-founder of the Self Awareness Institute. Mr. Sadleir is a scholar and lecturer of philosophy and has written several books, he is a Best Selling Author.
Steven has made several trips around the world studying meditation with many of the world's enlightened masters; apprenticed with two, and spent months sitting in India for, first, 8 hours a day, then 12 hours a day, and finally 23 hours a day for 40 consecutive days and nights to complete his training as a Yogi!
Steven founded the Self Awareness Institute in 1985 and has trained thousands of people from over 120 counties to meditate and find greater clarity, happiness and peace. He also holds a Master of Arts in Economics, from the University of Wales, United Kingdom, as a Rotary Scholar, holds a securities license, worked as an investment banker and fund advisor for many years, and now lives in Laguna Beach, California and devotes all his time to teaching.