In an earlier article, I talked about 6 ways to build your Web site traffic. In this article, you're going to learn 6 more ways to build your Web site traffic.

1. Link Exchanges. Link exchanges can increase your search engine rankings. The more incoming links you have to your Web site, the higher your search engine ranking. Having a high search engine ranking is important because people click on the first few search results more.

To do a link exchange, you contact other Web site owners to see if they'd be interested in doing a link exchange. If they're interested, then you'll each have a link to each other's Web site. You'll need to add your link partner's Web site link on your site, and he or she will do the same for you.

2. Free Content. Everyone loves free content. If your free content is good, your visitors will refer others to your site. The free content in itself can generate traffic.

3. Business Cards. Business cards is another way to increase your Web site traffic. Whenever you attend networking events or meet people, give them your business card. Your business card will have a link to your Web site. If they're interested, they will visit your site.

4. Social Media Sites. You can submit links to your Web site content on social media sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. If your submissions on those sites get a lot of votes, it gets moved to the areas that have the most exposure.

If you make it to the first page on Digg, you'll have a lot of people visit your site. You'll see a huge traffic spike, but you'll want to make sure your web hosting can handle it. There's something called the “Digg effect” where so many people from Digg visit a Web site, causing it to crash because the Web site couldn't handle so much traffic.

5. Forums. You can market yourself on forums, but you have to be careful to follow the forum etiquette and not blatantly promote your business. Join in the discussions and offer advice when people ask questions. You can include a signature in your posts that has your Web site link. Whenever you make a post, your signature will appear. Some people will click on the link in your signature to visit your Web site.

6. Press Releases. Press releases can be used to get free publicity in the news media. You could get free coverage in the newspaper, radio, TV, or magazines. If you have something that the news media finds interesting, they will gladly give you coverage. This will give exposure for your Web site.

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