"Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is
demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others
that they know it just as well as you."
--Richard Bach

Within all of us there is connection with Divine Wisdom, and we have access to that wisdom whenever we’re willing to be quiet and listen. A Course in Miracles tells us, “you have received many answers you haven’t heard yet!” Spirit is there whispering, and our ego voice is drowning it out! Meditation is a powerful method for retraining your mind to be quiet and listen.

I began meditating in the ‘70’s. After a while, I began to notice that I would think about something and it would happen! Following one startling event, where I was offered a job I hadn’t even applied for, I knew I had to understand what was happening. The book I discovered was Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts. It was with this book, as Bach says, that I discovered what I already knew! As I read about the way that we create our reality with our thoughts, I knew this was true for me, even though the ideas were “new” to my conscious mind. I wondered why no one had taught me these ideas growing up!

Once you remember what you know, it’s time to start demonstrating that you know it. And that takes retraining your mind, over and over, to focus on what you want to create, rather than claiming what you don’t want. Think about some area of your life where you’d like a change. How often are you feeling frustrated that it’s not different? How often do you tell others what’s wrong? The more you focus on the current situation, what you DON’T want, the more you are holding that experience in your life. The Universe responds to thoughts AND feelings, and it seems that people are often more passionate about what they don’t want than what they do want. My partner recalls a time when his mother asked him to repay a loan she’d given him, and he didn’t have the money. After getting off the phone with her, he stomped around the house saying loudly, “I don’t have any money! I don’t have any money!” Having just started learning about affirmations he suddenly realized what he was doing, and the energy with which he was doing it. No wonder he had no money!

Practice claiming what you DO want with passion and energy. Forget appearances and hold your vision to the reality you are creating. Focus on the results you want, regardless on how out of reach they may seem. Remind others (in a gentle way!) to do the same. Then you are teaching what you also want to know in a deeper way. Your life is your message, so you are continually teaching, regardless of the work you do. With your energy and words, you communicate your beliefs about life every minute of every day.
Achieving your dreams takes courage, persistence, patience and gratitude. Some of them may take years to unfold. Spirit will guide you at the right pace. When I affirmed to be an international workshop leader, it was two years before that happened. But in the meantime I was leading workshops, constantly grateful for everything I was learning, and polishing my skills. At the right time, the opportunity appeared.

And so, dear readers, you now have the twelve steps to achieving your dreams. Go for them with great joy!

Author's Bio: 

- Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D., is an author, international workshop leader and trainer. Her popular book, Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations, is available on amazon.com. For information about her training program for workshop leaders, go to www.hylteachers.com.