As a Reiki Master I am blessed to see the transformation that the Light provides, both in clients who seek personal Reiki energy sessions and those who follow the calling of becoming Reiki initiates.

Using Reiki for healing ( a claim not encouraged because of its threatening implications to the medical establishment) is a most engaging process in that those who turn to this natural ancient modality have a sense that there is inherint in the universe energy which can be channeled into the body to remove blockages and, thus, discordant energy which surfaces as dis-ease.

Those who seek Reiki usually are open to the truth of their imbalance and trust that working synergystically with all aspects of body, mind and spirit is the key to wellness. Indeed, many enjoy the transformation of balance in all levels simultaneously. As more and more individuals seek natural treatments, energy practitioners rejoice!

Reiki initiates who embrace the Light into their lives truly do transform. Living a Reiki Life propells you into a Trust and Love that deepens all relationships, beginning with the Self, and opens the portal of fully realizing the depth of We are One. The intial changes that begin in the clearing process following initiation range from the mundane but significant, to major transformation and transmutation. Although change can be difficult, most report major shifts, for the better in all aspect of their lives. Bringing in the Light begins the alchemy process which heightens perception and provides a new focus on life which celebrates joy as its true nature.

Living a Reiki Life is a honor and a passion beyond compare. May all beings awaken to their true nature and fully embrace the Love of the Divine.

Serving in Light, Love & Joy -- Linda Carter Backes, RM

Author's Bio: 

Usui Reiki Master since 2002.
DNA Light Activator, Aug. 2008
Spiritual Mystical Fochaadams Reader for the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo, Owner of A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind & Spirit, LLC.

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