Sadly, people have been convinced that life quality must decline with the years. Not true! If we would simply eat better, detox routinely, take quality nutrition and use holistic alternatives to drugs whenver possible we would have much better quality of life and longevity.

In our fast paced world of today our typical American diet usually consists of lots of protein, white flour products, fast food and highly processed foods loaded with chemical preservatives that confuse our bodies and store as toxins. We typically do not eat nearly enough fresh fruits and vegetables and way too much protein and processed foods.

A Harvard University study showed that approximately 47 grams of protein was about all the body could digest in one day. That's about a 6 oz. piece of chicken, fish or red meat. Some bloodtypes may tend to have more efficient digestive system than others. This is where your own experiments can assist you individually. "O" and "B" blood types may be able to digest slightly more animal proteins than the "A"and "AB" blood types. "O" and "B" bloodtypes typically have better elimination systems, therefore allowing digestion of animal proteins more efficiently than the "A" and "AB" bloodtypes that typically have sluggish elimination systems. The "O" blood types seem to have a higher need for the B Vitamins which unless supplemented are derived in part, from red meats. "O" & "B" bloodtypes are naturally very acidic and therefore predisposed to disease.

The "A and "AB" bloodtypes seem to be the perfect vegetarian candidates since they do not digest animal proteins well or quickly. "A" and "AB" bloodtypes are very sensitive to the acid/alkaline balance. If A's & AB's are not vegetarians, they should eat no more than one animal protein daily & if that choice is red meat, eat no animal protein the next day to give the body a chance to eliminate. Trial and error with your individual profile will tell you what foods are good and what foods to restrict for you as individuals. Regardless of your individual body's ability to process proteins (which are acidic), it is healthiest to eat a 75% to 80% alkaline diet, fruits and veggies.

Generally speaking, the alkaline foods are fruits and veggies, with the deepest and most vibrant colors being the most alkaline as well as nutritious. Acid foods are all animal proteins (meats, poultry, fish), breads, sugars, all white flour products such as white pastas, sodas and dairy products. (See the acid/alkaline chart on the RAS Natural's site) Our bodies don't respond well to acidic foods. We should gradually work toward attaining a diet that is 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid forming foods, with raw veggies being a good deal of our graduated target diet.

Another Harvard University study found that of 10,000 heart attacks victims, 100% were caused by acidosis of the left ventricle, a too acidic body, rather than from blockages as is commonly thought by the american public. Our most optimum health is obtained through proper exercise, an 80% alkaline diet, drinking quality filtered water, rather than city water that contains fluoride and chlorine, regular detoxification and the proper nutritional supplements that increase alkalinity and give our body what it needs to function as was intended. Our soils are so depleted of nutrients that even our fresh foods today do not contain the level or quality of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need for optimum health, therefore bio-available supplementation is necessary.

Many disease processes are connected to toxins and a body that is overly acidic. Eating the typical american diet which consists of lots of burgers, fries, white breads, sugars and chemically processed foods is contributing to the increased disease processes such as arthritis, auto-immune, heart and diabetes just to name a few.

In addition to consuming excess protein, people are more toxic than ever before due to pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and herbicides in the food supply, airborne pollution, antibiotics and other drugs, heavy metals from many sources including dental fillings and vaccines, also volatile organic compounds from carpeting and paint in nearly every home and office. The body is so busy trying to maintain a "status quo" that the organs of elimination can't flush fast enough to keep up with the ever increasing influx of heavy metals and toxins coming into our bodies. The organs of elimination are mainly the colon, kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. Toxins and heavy metals can store in the brain, joints, eyes and bones.

The most ideal way is to eat mostly alkaline foods, fresh fruits and veggies and to occasionally enjoy acidic foods. Take quality bio-available chelated or whole foods nutrition to make up for what's not in our foods and enjoy and bless your food always, even the acidic foods!

Author's Bio: 

For nearly 20 years Sandra studied with some of the pioneers in the field of holistic health, nutrition, energetics and natural healing. Some of those experts in the field of natural healers include Dr. Regan Golob and Dr. Mortor. She also studied for many years with exercise physiologist and fitness expert, Teresa Tapp. Sandra has studied techniques such as EFT and Healing Touch and Healing Touch for Animals, massage and essential oils. She strives for honesty and quality education for all people so they can make better life choices and have quality longevity.