Being talented is a great responsibility as well having a big vision. When we lose focus as leaders, it's normal to misplace our purpose and get distracted and superficial with the empowering tools of leadership. To build our leadership is to build our presence and calibrate our talents and ways of beings so we can be effective on the way. In time we get awareness and wisdom.

There are so many details that we may focus on about leadership. This time, I just want to focus on those communication mistakes that usually happen on the way to great leadership.

The thing about communication is that it doesn't happen while we speak. It happens ALL THE TIME. You see, communication is the mirror of our minds. It means that doesn't matter who you say you are, everything you wear in your heart is completely visible through your communication and personal message. Let me give you some common communication mistakes that leaders do (especially when they are distracted) take a look!

• Lack of Presence: Weak voice, projection, self-presentation, image. Poor influence, misrepresent a roll model. There is no congruence between "Being and Doing".

• Lack of Clarity: Gives away information that hasn't fully understood. Provide flat information, too quick, too slow or superficial. Vague, repetitive, boring.

• Weak listener: Make more corrections that questions that creates discovery opportunities. Focus on circumstances and not on the come from to be assertive.

• Lack of Connection: Ignores what is said, invalidates the audience, critical, judge-mental, inappropriate comments or humor, vague responses, disrespectful, insensitive, no compassion, reactive, tricky, convincing.

• Disrupts interaction flow: lack of timing, pushes moods, inattentive and easily distracted. Can't help to interrupt to give an opinion or point of view.

• Poor Speaker: Fail to create clear context, to identify audience's strengths and vulnerable points, vague transitions, unsustainable content. Unaware of people's reactions. Uses jargon or non-specific language.

• Wrong Focus: Symptoms, past or future oriented vs. cause and present oriented. Lecturing vs. vivid practice. Gathering evidence vs. promote possibilities.

• Ineffective Style: When is being a distraction more that a roll model. Heavy breathing, annoying voice (too loud, overpowering, too nasal) overacting, whiny, sugar sweet, talks more that listens.

Knowing ourselves make us strong and assertive. Stop learning is stopping growing. Take a moment to realize if there something you need to work on. If you are finding something on that list that applies to you in any way, please do yourself a favor and go deeper healing the cause.

If you already overcome all the above, just keep in mind of being effective at home as much as the front of the room. That's what legacy leadership it's all about! So, walk the talk and have fun while your heart transforms every life you touch on the way.

Author's Bio: 

Saritza is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico. Known as Nada Coach for her talent of awaken masters out of conventional leaders. She supports leaders to translate their leadership power into consciousness and inner connection by mastering their life purpose.

Certified Yoga teacher, latin magazine collaborator, formal CTA,ICF & Top Women Coaches member. Certified Coach, Speaker and transformational trainer specialized in master leadership skills and distinctions. Through her workshops, intensive coaching programs, tele-seminars and written resources, for over ten years, she have support every client and mentor to create and experience a master mindset to achieve by distinctions application, the meaningful and balanced life they pursuit.

Saritza is well respected expert known for combining strategic and spiritual leadership techniques with inspiring and powerful mastery context that works.